Modus Laboratories is a contract research company for the oral healthcare industry, testing materials, formulations and treatments as well as designing formulations and formulation development. The company works with multinational companies and academic institutions, for example: Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, Proctor and Gamble, Denterapy, OBJ, National Physical Laboratory, and, Cambridge, Kent, Queen Mary, Reading, Portsmouth and Edinburgh Universities.

Modus, which was founded in 2009 by Richard Willson sensing a need for an independent specialist in oral healthcare research and development. The company he grew combines scientific discovery with customer-focused R&D and continues to grow and adapt to the demands of the industry world wide.

A good number of toothpaste formulations currently available have come through Modus Laboratories where they test the efficacy claims and send them off with the stamp of “tested by scientists”. Exciting new products, which are still in development, will be hitting the shelves soon, such as Dentherapy Toothboost, which they have designed, developed and patented a novel active ingredient and novel method for application.

The Modus team will make the move to Plymouth Science Park from Reading’s Thames Valley Science Park in October 2020.

Richard Willson said: “Having spent the best part of 25 years commuting through the M25 congestion we have decided it is time to find a different pace of social life but to keep our focus on cutting edge science within a world renowned science park. We are excited to join the scientific community at Plymouth Science Park, where we hope to be working alongside many other innovative and exciting companies and researchers, providing us with a host of opportunities for collaboration and networking.”

Business Development Manager, Fay Davies said: “We are pleased to welcome Modus Laboratories to Plymouth Science Park where they will benefit from collaborations with our existing healthcare businesses and researchers. We are pleased to see an increase in demand for the adaptable office and lab facilities the park offers and look forward to welcoming more new tenants in the coming months.”