About Our Members

UKSPA members create, maintain and manage the right locations to allow some of the most innovative, knowledge-based companies in the world to thrive and grow.

Science and Technology Parks perform a key function acting as an interface between business and centres of knowledge such as universities, government-funded laboratories, hospitals, and in some instances corporate laboratories, and research/technology organisations with the purpose of helping to commercialise ideas that arise from the UK’s research base.

UKSPA members provide the vital engine room for accelerating the growth of the companies they support. They join up the various parts of their Innovation journey, from the earliest stages of growth in an incubator or business accelerator to the maturity of major international companies benefiting from open Innovation Campuses in the United Kingdom.

Over 120,000 people are employed on UKSPA member locations delivering significant local, regional, national and international impact.

The continued growth of UKSPA membership is a testament to the value that UKSPA continues to offer, as well as the enthusiasm that aspirational and developing science and Innovation locations have in building relationships and learning from others.

The growth and shared experience of Science Parks and other Innovation locations now deliver facilities and support for a whole new generation of entrepreneurs. The focus on facilitating growth for businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups continue covering areas as diverse as robotics, AI, IoT and Virtual Reality alongside biotech, life science, manufacturing, Digi-Tech and creative sector companies.

UKSPA has Innovation locations throughout the UK and Ireland as members. In addition to these Full and Associate Members, we also have in membership a range of Affiliate Members who are national businesses and other organisations that deliver added value to the Association and the wider Science and Innovation Sector.