The Association represents, promotes and supports a diverse network of members that includes science parks, research campuses, city-based innovation districts, technology incubators and innovation centres across the UK (and beyond). These members operate in different areas, with different funding and investment profiles but together deliver enormous added value to companies that occupy space or participate in member activities.

UKSPA supports, promotes, represents and encourages the continued growth of Science Parks, Technology Incubators, Innovation Centres and other Innovation locations and Areas of Innovations.

Through a programme of sharing good practice, networking, communication, research, promotion and advocacy UKSPA membership helps to sustain and develop this vital economic sector.

The UKSPA membership network of managers, developers, investors, owners and supporting businesses all share a common goal.

This is to create a growing, effective Innovation sector with the right facilities, infrastructure, services and business growth activities for the 6,000 companies and other organisations that they support on a daily basis.

Our Sector

The Innovation locations in UKSPA membership play a critical role in supporting, sustaining and growing the knowledge-intensive companies that are located on their site. These occupiers chose to locate in places with the right premises, a flexible and supportive business environment, world class infrastructure and facilities, co-location with other companies and access to business support activities that sustain long term economic growth. 

Our Members

UKSPA members create, maintain and manage the right locations to allow some of the most innovative, knowledge based companies in the world to thrive and grow.

Around 120,000 people are employed on UKSPA member locations delivering significant local, regional, national and international impact.

The UKSPA Story

Founded in 1984 by the managers of the eight Parks that then existed, UKSPA has grown alongside the UK’s science  and innovation sector. In the last thirty five years the number of Science, Technology and Innovation parks in membership has grown significantly; from two in 1982, eight in 1984  to over 100 when UKSPA celebrated its 35th anniversary.

Today, UKSPA has in membership over 130 innovation locations and around forty business members working together and sharing good practice to sustain – and develop – this vital sector.   

Recent years has seen continued growth of the sector with UK Universities and centres of excellence in research being joined by commercial and institutional investors who recognise the inherent economic, social and investment value of Science Park and other innovation locations and have created locations with management structures and business support, together with world class infrastructure, that continues to drive innovation and technology.

UKSPA – A voluntary membership Association.

The Association operates from offices at Chesterford Research Park in North Essex.  The Executive Team delivers the operational activities of the Association with guidance from an elected Board. Profiles of staff and Board Members follow.

The Association is governed by its “Articles of Association” which can be downloaded here

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