Why join UKSPA?

There has never been a better time to join UKSPA – The UK’s only national association for science parks, innovation centres, technology Incubators, and other innovation locations.


The Science and Innovation sector is a dynamic and growing eco-system that is vital to the future prosperity of the United Kingdom. The Innovation locations supported and represented by UKSPA play a critical role in sustaining and growing the knowledge intensive companies that are essential for future economic prosperity in every part of the UK.

Over the last three decades, the emergence and growth of Science Parks and similar Innovation environments throughout the UK has helped create many thousands of scientific, technical knowledge-based businesses. Member locations currently sustain and grow over 5000 innovative, knowledge intensive companies employing well over 90,000 people.

The Association’s work is also enhanced by our business affiliate members who support, grow and deliver advice to member locations, as well as adding value to the UKSPA network by providing products and services, as well as delivering facilities, buildings and infrastructure to the Innovation sector

UKSPA’s membership programme delivers a vibrant events programme, special interests groups, provision of best practice and advice, research, promotion, support, advocacy and access to comprehensive resources.

Our mission is to promote, support, encourage and champion the UK’s science, technology and innovation community, and as you will see from the membership brochure UKSPA delivers significant value to a broad range of members.

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Join UKSPA as a Full or Associate Member

Full Membership is for those organisations which are fully operational, having a site, support services, buildings, occupiers and a management function that supports the growth of knowledge-intensive businesses.

Associate Membership is the membership category applicable to Innovation-locations which are aspirational or being planned, under development or yet to reach the Association’s definition of a full member.


Join as a Business Affiliate Member

Business Affiliate Membership is reserved for organisations and companies whose objectives and activities have common ground with those of the Association and where membership would be mutually beneficial.

Business Affiliates receive the same benefits of Full and Associate members and deliver significant value to the UKSPA Network.


Membership Fees

Full Members: 

£1,530  plus VAT for Members managing >100 000 sq ft gross

£1,300  plus VAT for Members managing between 35 000 and 100 000 sq ft gross

£1,020 plus VAT for Members managing <35 000 sq ft gross

Associate Members:

£1,300 plus VAT

Business Affiliate Members:

£1,530 plus VAT ​ plus VAT

For new members there is a £125 plus VAT joining fee. 

Call 01799 532050 or email info@ukspa.org.uk for more information