Founded in 2016 NOOK provides mobile acoustic pods, an alternative to meeting rooms in coworking spaces, education-based environments and in the event arena. Originally designed to help introverts and those on the autistic spectrum to improve their personal wellbeing in the workspace Nooks are now associated with a walk-up meeting space, a refuge from the noise, a place for greater engagement between people, a shelter to recharge, concentrate or catch-up on emails. As a space within a space, Nook pods provide better flexibility and structure to a space. Nooks are further deployed at events, typically used as a space divider (arranged in little clusters), a sponsored meeting space or a quiet interview pod.  The UKSPA membership facilitated Nook Pod’s expansion in to Science Park sector, where Nooks are now most commonly found in the shared-spaces or tenant’s private workspaces as it is used by Bristol & Bath Science Park, while York Science Park has deployed them to add intimacy and flexibility to their Central Park cafe area.

RA Information Systems became an UKSPA member in 2005 while expanding and offering CLARITY, their workspace management software solution to the innovation and science park sector. The UKSPA membership coupled with co-branding worked very well for the IT company and greatly contributed to CLARITY brand awareness and further expansion. Over 15 years of building partnerships with UKSPA members, user feedback has enabled RA Information Systems to continually evolve with their product development. Now they offer their unique software to the larger audience coupled with managed IT services, secure connections between sites and VoIP telephony. Their brand extension CLARITY SIGNS, integrated touch–screen digital display solution, designed to simplify the booking process is now rapidly expanding into various sectors. The displays are usually installed at meeting room doors, lounge entrances, near conversation pods or in reception and transit areas.

The two businesses Nook Pods and RA Information Systems met at an UKSPA conference and discovered that their products, NOOK PODS and CLARITY SIGNS complement each other and work very well together. With the simple addition of a touch-screen booking display near a Nook Pod, CLARITY SIGNS can contribute by assigning the Nook a ‘meeting room’ status adding self-service booking functionality.

Senan Largey, in charge of Nook’s Business development is very positive about the collaboration “It is with this in mind that UKSPA introduced our businesses to each other, and the synergy was immediately obvious and fruitful. One of the areas where we see meaningful growth in the application of Nooks in Science Parks, is with regard to book-ability. Customers enjoy their ad-hoc nature, but often wish to compliment that with an element of predictability, driven by demand for availability from tenants.”

Annette Dabbs, Director of RA Information Systems echo’s the above from Senan and says “We are delighted to have begun our collaboration with Nook Pod, and we are very excited for the future with our two companies working together, bringing a further dimension to our CLARITY products and interest from a wider audience”.

The two businesses have already attended exhibitions together and are now working on a joint marketing campaign “BOOK A NOOK” flexible acoustic pods integrated with digital booking and signage. Rapidly deployable, easily integrated, a flexible and powerful asset for any Science Park.