It is anticipated that the Prime Minister will announce a series of Government rules to establish a strategy for reopening selected areas of the economy for UK business, as part of an expected easing of lockdown on Thursday 7 May.

It is understood that these measures will include:

  • Flexible working to encourage “staggering” of shifts to keep employees apart (while working and during breaks — with two metre distancing enforced by floor tape.
  • Curtailment of hot desking.
  • Restrictions of movement in buildings through “half empty” lift proposals (with lifts divided into sections by yellow and black tape to deliver space for each individual.
  • Companies will have to draw up a Covid-19 risk assessment before staff return.
  • Continued closure of staff restaurants and catering facilities.
  • Avoid face-to-face meetings.
  • Employers to provide parking spaces so that staff are discouraged from car sharing.
  • Those that can will still be encouraged to work from home to protect the public transport system.
  • There is likely to be encouragement and advice for employers on how to monitor and protect the physical and mental health of remote workers.
  • There are likely to be measures designed to encourage high levels of deep cleaning in the workplace.

The Government’s exit strategy, the partial loosening of lockdown and its implications will be debated at the forthcoming UKSPA webinar – ‘Preparing for the return to the workplace’ which is taking place on Thursday 14th May 12-1pm. Register here