Air Liquide are members of the UK Science Parks Association (UKSPA).  We recently exhibited at the early Spring national conference, hosted by NEXUS, on the University of Leeds campus. The event gave us a great opportunity to engage with the science parks community and show how Air Liquide can support them.

As members we help support the UKSPA community through having dedicated offers, services and a real focus on delivering financial and environmental benefits to science parks, innovation and incubator centres.  We have a specific focus on science parks, that combines our expertise on gases, industrial processes and research applications, with a strong commitment to improve:

  • Research quality
  • Cost optimization
  • Safety of science parks and their members

In addition, we can give advice on research processesfacilitate improvements on gas process management, including safety and therefore support innovative companies seeking to accelerate their businesses (from start-up to full production). 
Also allowing collaborative partnerships with our R&D centres – using our expertise – to support the science parks community.