Sixteen year old Max Theil has channeled his passion for music into MT Audio; a business that produces high quality customised speakers and sound systems.

Sixteen year old Max Theil joined Orbit’s Glasgow chapter in 2016 and launched MT Audio with Orbit’s support. MT Audio design and manufacture speakers and sound systems that are personalised to the client’s specifications. Max uses laser engraving to imprint logos and personalised messages on wooden speakers which retail for £200 per unit.

Max, from Saint Luke’s High School in East Renfrewshire, started the business with the support of his mentor Nadeem Sarwar. Max said “I didn’t join Orbit with a business idea. It was only after speaking with Nadeem that I had the idea for MT Audio. He encouraged me to think big and to express my creativity in my products.”

Nadeem Sarwar, whom runs a multi-million pound pharmacy business, hailed Max’s “work ethic, ideas and ambition” as the foundation to his success. “Some of the ideas the Orbiteers have are incredible and I’ve had a great time helping the students build their businesses”.

Each speaker is manufactured for under £100, leaving Max with a healthy £100 profit margin on every item sold. MT Audio have clients ranging from music enthusiasts to large banks such as the Royal Bank of Scotland.

When asked about his reflections of his time on the programme, Max said that “Orbit was an incredible experience and I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to express their creative talents”.