Pentlands Science Park

Pentlands Science Park

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History and Objectives

Pentlands Science Park (PSP) was established in 1994 by The Moredun Foundation for Animal Health & Welfare as the  home for the Moredun Research Institute. The development was supported by the European Regional Development Fund, Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh & Lothian and by Midlothian Council. The Park became Europe’s first based around the Institute’s centre of excellence in veterinary science and animal health. Moredun celebrated its 90th anniversary year in 2010, having originally been established as the Animal Diseases Research Association in 1920. Pentlands Science Park celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014 and has matured into a beautiful working environment.

Progress to Date

The Park was developed between 1994 and 1999 and extends to some164,000 square feet of high class offices and laboratories, which house both Moredun and the commercial research companies based on the site. Adjoining the main science park are Moredun’s unique animal facilities, an extensive range of buildings including traditional stockholding sheds, high containment facility, post mortem building and onsite incinerator, the latter being subject to a £1 million upgrade in 2009.

Back in 2008, Moredun purchased the Glencorse Building from Scottish Enterprise and now has ownership of the whole site. The Doherty Innovation Centre is the Park’s main multi-occupancy building providing flexible space for SMEs.

The Park provides a full range of support services including IT, security, catering, cleaning, engineering, waste disposal, cafe and central stores facility. PSP also provides a lecture theatre and fully-equipped meeting rooms for the use of site tenants and external clients. The site has a back-up generator which can fully support the whole park.

The next planned development is the creation of an International KTE Hub for Animal Health & Welfare. The new Roslin Institute building and the new Edinburgh University Vet School building are both now occupied making the Easter Bush Campus one of the leading global locations for animal bioscience research. Moredun and PSP contributed to the drafting of Midlothian Council’s Animal Bioscience Sector Action Plan, recognizing this sector as an important economic development driver for Midlothian.

Moredun’s own commercial company, Moredun Scientific is enjoying a very busy period both in its core animal health work but also rapid growth of its biosafety testing division. The

Moredun Group continues to develop its Environmental Management System which has concentrated on energy efficiency and waste minimization in contributing to positive cost and environmental controls on the Park.  The Group is now developing a networked print strategy. We have now introduced a separate food waste recycling service for the site. Moredun won the Best Green Business Award from the local Chamber of Commerce in 2014.

PSP continues to be an enthusiastic stakeholder in the Edinburgh Science Triangle initiative which aims to promote Edinburgh’s scientific strengths, attract mobile investment, build the scientific community and promote the science parks’ role as important locations for these aims to succeed. PSP supports the Scottish Science Park Group in its activities to reinforce the value of science parks in developing the knowledge-based economy. The involvement of Moredun Research

Institute in the Easter Bush Research Consortium will present further opportunities as this develops over the coming years. PSP also plays an important role in the Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Trust and contributes to the local Midlothian Council led Sustainable Growth strategy.

The Park organized a number of social activities vital in bringing people together and having fun away from normal work activities. 

Companies on the Park Include:

Bio Related:

  • Alba Bioscience Administration: monoclonal antibody unit and product development unit
  • AB Biotechnology Ltd: Development and manufacture of products
  • Biobest Veterinary: diagnostic services company
  • Bioreliance Ltd: R&D and testing of high-technology pharmaceutical products
  • Biotangents: DNA assembly & metabolic engineering
  • DEFRA:  Isolation unit
  • Edinburgh Pharmaceutical Processes Ltd: Pharmaceutical process research and development chemists offering services to the pharmaceutical and agro-chemical industries in assisting ensure regulatory approval for sale of products. Environmental Services.
  • Fish Vet Group: Vaccine development
  • GALVmed: Facilitating the development and sales of medicines and livestock vaccines in developing countries
  • Inocul8: Vaccine development company
  • Moredun Research Institute: Government-supported animal disease research establishment
  • Moredun Scientific Ltd: Contract R&D company
  • SASA (Science & Advice for Scottish Agriculture): Government-funded body controlling potato crop disease
  • TC Biopharm: Anti cancer immunotherapy treatment for tumour types
  • Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service: Testing laboratory
  • APHA Lasswade: Government-funded veterinary laboratory


Business Services

  • Biggar Economics:Economic consultancy
  • Pentlands Science Park Ltd:Property and facilities management services


Environmental & Regulatory

  • CSI Europe: Provides regulatory and environmental strategies for the globalchemical industry
  • AMEC Foster Wheeler:Environmental management consultants
  • LTS International: Land and timber consultancy services
  • IT and Technology
  • Edinburgh Laser Optics: Optical product development and testing


Laboratory Facilities - Pentlands Science Park

Moredun Scientifics’ GLP accredited laboratories accommodate all aspects of safety and efficacy studies for veterinary products in the disciplines of bacteriology, parasitology, and virology. The facility includes a number of adaptable laboratory areas, a fully validated cell culture laboratory and all relevant auxiliary areas including hot and cold rooms, storage areas and wash rooms.

Our biosafety testing services are supported by a sterility suite comprising two class D rooms each with a class A isolator. One room is used for test articles, the other for positive controls. Incubators are housed in a separate room. All critical equipment is validated to GMP standards.

Our laboratory facilities and services are complemented by additional areas of expertise within the wider Moredun Group such as:

  • Further Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Parasitology, Pharmacology and Virology Facilities
  • Gross/Histo-Pathology
  • Proteomics



Moredun announces new Scientific Director and CEO

The Moredun Group have announced the appointment of Dr Tom McNeilly as their new Scientific Director and CEO. Dr McNeilly, a qualified veterinary surgeon, is an immunologist and infectious disease biologist with expertise in ruminant immunology. He joined Moredun...

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