In July, Engine Shed is hosting two events in collaboration with an exhibition at the RWA and Centrespace Gallery, Bristol. ‘The Heart of the Matter’ exhibition is led by bio-engineer Dr Giovanni Biglino with Dr Andrew Shearn and exhibition producer, Anna Ledgard.

On Tuesday 3rd July, Dr Biglino and Anna Ledgard of offered the Year 5 pupils of Christ Church Primary School, Hanham, a different angle on STEM careers. Drawing on the exhibition content and using 3D printed models and hands on activities, the pupils explored what our hearts look like, what makes them tick, and how 3D printing works in a medical context. The workshop formed part of our Diverse Workforce for the Future project and the STEM walking tours in collaboration with Unit DX and Ultrahaptics.

Engine Shed Partnerships Manager, Lorraine Fairbanks, who runs the project said:

“We have been in conversation with the exhibition organisers for some time now on how we introduce young people to the breadth of applications of art in a medical context as health tech is such a growing area in the West of England. It’s important for us to show the creativity in a Science Technology Engineering Arts and Maths (STEAM) setting as the jobs of the future become more cross-disciplinary. We are also looking forward to hosting the seminar on 3D printing that is open to all and to visiting the exhibition too!”

The second event will take place on Wednesday 18th July, with a seminar on 3D printing, which will explore 3D printing technology in a medical context. 3D technology allows us to create replicas of hearts and vessels that can then be used to plan procedures, design new devices, and to aid discussions with patients and families during clinical consultations. The free event will take place in the Business Lounge from 8.30 – 10am, and the café will be open for breakfast and refreshments. 

Exhibition producer, Anna Ledgard, said:

“The Heart of the Matter is an innovative interdisciplinary project bringing together science, art, technology, engineering. It’s good for children to have real life examples of how disciplines can be combined in the workplace, so we wanted to add the A for Arts into STEM and bring the possibilities of ‘STEAM’ careers alive. We are also running a 3D printing workshop for adults on 18th July at Engine Shed – once again aligning with Engine Shed’s mission to bring together the innovative, creative and technological.”

3D printing has been an important element in ‘The Heart of the Matter’ exhibition, which is at RWA Bristol and Centrespace from 14 July – 19 August. Created by artist Sofie Layton and bioengineer Giovanni Biglino, ‘The Heart of the Matter’ brings together art and medicine to reflect on the human heart. The project is inspired by patients with heart conditions, their families and clinicians, and features 3D printing, digital animation, textiles, sound and sculpture.

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Submitted on 11/07/2018