Buro Happold has contributed to the UK Green Buildings Council (UKGBC) report “Delivering Social Value: Community Engagement Hacked” designed to inspire practitioners to consider bolder solutions.

As programme partners, we offered our expertise to this social value report published in January 2020.

The report focuses on innovation and community engagement within the built environment, designed to inspire industry professionals to consider bolder solutions throughout the planning and design process of new buildings.

Our Director of Sustainability and Partner, Duncan Price and Sustainability and Physics Associate, Trevor Keeling provided insights on community engagement.

We need a step change in the way we design, deliver and manage new developments to maximise benefits for local communities. This innovation process enabled joined up thinking and the exploration of fresh new ideas that can transform how towns and cities deliver social and environmental good.

Duncan Price, Director of Sustainability and Partner at Buro Happold

Through initiatives such as Design Sprints, UKGBC demonstrated that involving the local community in the decision-making process enables more effective communication and increased engagement between the sector and local communities.

UKGBC Design Sprint, August 2019

As well as the innovative ideas generated by the process, the sprint provided valuable insights into the challenges of engaging communities. We hope that by sharing these learnings we can support the cultural shift necessary to give more power to communities.

Trevor Keeling, Sustainability and Physics Associate at Buro Happold

The report features a series of innovations, both existing and conceptual, across three areas:

  1. Engaging People: How can the sector better engage communities in the development process?
  2. Delivery Models: How can we disrupt existing delivery models to give more power to communities?
  3. Engaging Places: How can places better engage with people?

You can find out more about the results in the summary report: Delivering Social Value: Community Engagement Hacked.