Congratulations to Discovery Park tenant Alert Technology Ltd (ATL) ,one of the first companies to be awarded one of the brand new innovation loans from Innovate UK.

This new programme from the UK’s Innovation agency is aimed at providing new low-interest financial support specifically designed to help scale up some of the country’s most innovative companies.

ATL are one of just 13 pioneering small businesses to benefit from a total of £8m loaned out in this first round of Innovate UK’s recently launched £50m pilot programme.

The first round was targeted at business who could successfully demonstrated their innovation and ability to seize the business opportunities created by the challenges of population growth, accelerating urbanization and climate change which will allow them to compete in the new global smart infrastructure market estimated to be worth over 1.2 trillion per year by 2025.

ATL are developers of the ‘Asbestos ALERT’ – a real-time warning device for airborne asbestos fibres.

Loretta King, Marketing and Communications Director at ATL explains, “There is currently no other reliable, real-time warning device available for monitoring airborne asbestos fibres. ALERT is capable of distinguishing asbestos from other non-asbestos fibres in the air offering a life-saving solution which provides that vital early warning if works result in the release of asbestos fibres into the air.”

The money will enable ATL to develop its working proto-type units – currently undergoing field trials – into production ready unit ready for manufacture and commercial launch.

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Submitted on 04/07/2018