The Business Development Challenge: How do we attract new occupiers?

REGISTER HERE Has the lockdown delivered new insights into the changing requirements of new tenant companies? Does there need to be a redefinition in the way that we market the offering and value of Science Parks and other Innovation Locations? What are the changes and opportunities post Covid-19 that may need to be delivered in […]

Looking to the future – The new laboratory

REGISTER HERE What impact has Covid-19 had on laboratory operation, investment and future design? The webinar looks at the future laboratory environment, greater flexibility, digitalisation, communication and the ongoing requirements for labs such as safety, robustness and cleanliness. The session will also look at investment into laboratory space for third party occupation and highlight: How […]

Looking to the future: Innovation and the new office

REGISTER HERE What will be the future requirements for office based companies?  How will office design evolve to keep people working effectively and collaboratively while physically apart? This webinar looks at the implications for the sector as offices and R&D space respond to changing circumstances. As well as considering the immediate impact of changing work […]

UKSPA online member conference: Thursday 9 July – Friday 10 July 2020

The two day member drop-in conference will provide a timely opportunity to consider in more detail a number of critical issues and the implications for the sector.  We will look at the opportunities both in the mid and long-term, that will shape innovation and drive sustainable growth post the Covid-19 crisis. Register for the individual […]

AIRTO/UKSPA Webinar: The Future of the R&D landscape

REGISTER HERE   Following the recent publication of the Government’s Research and Development (R&D) roadmap which sets out the Government’s vision for cultivating a more science and technology-focused economy, this joint webinar from AIRTO and UKSPA provides a timely opportunity to open up dialogue on a number of crucial issues facing the sector. The Government […]

Looking to the future – The new office after lockdown

REGISTER HERE In July UKSPA hosted a webinar on “Looking to the future: Innovation and the new office” at a time when lock-down was at its height. It was also a time when there was enormous speculation about the short- and long-term requirements for office-based companies. We asked how office design would evolve to ensure […]

R&D and the Comprehensive Spending Review

REGISTER HERE 24th September – R&D and the Comprehensive Spending Review:  12-1.30 PM The Chancellor’s announcements made in the 2020 Budget set out record spending - rising to £22 billion a year by 2024/5 - to help position the UK as a  science and innovation superpower, and were widely welcomed across the R&D landscape as […]

Health and Wellbeing in the workplace

REGISTER HERE Teams and organisations are adapting to the challenges brought by the pandemic. We are all looking for new ways of working whilst also ensuring a healthy and productive environment. As a result of the new circumstances and challenges, the need to address mental as well as physical health issues and well-being is paramount. […]

Emerging data technologies in life sciences

The UK Bioscience Forum will return in October 2020 as a two day virtual event, with the theme emerging data technologies. Recent years have seen an explosion of emerging data technologies in the biotech sector. Many of these address long-standing challenges in the industry, offering the potential to reduce the time and cost of drug discovery, and to target […]

£255 – £550

COVID-19 Update: Lessons from the past, the present and future challenges

REGISTER HERE Throughout most of 2020 we have all experienced the  many challenges presented by COVID‐19. The science and innovation sector has shown great resilience and was quick to adapt to the unprecedented circumstances. As we enter the third lockdown, UKSPA’s first webinar of 2021 will look at the lessons learnt from the past nine […]

Adapting office buildings for laboratory use

Following on from the initial webinar in November and the subsequent feedback, this webinar debates how more innovative use of space can drive innovation to significantly assist in attracting new talent and supporting retention of existing occupiers. This repurposing of facilities could deliver real opportunities to provide more flexible and adaptable space for existing and […]

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

REGISTER HERE The latest interactive webinar from UKSPA will hear from top speakers discussing how we can further improve and encourage a science and innovation sector for everyone. We will consider the approaches and solutions that can be taken and how we can improve as an industry to encourage effective and sustainable EDI strategies. The […]