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St Asaph - The Tiny City with Big Ambitions

Many in North Wales believe St Asaph, an area of outstanding natural beauty, offers one of the best work-life balances to be found anywhere in the UK.

In terms of economy, North Wales is more than just a beautiful extension of North West England. The A55 Expressway on which the park is located is a major route linking Ireland to the UK and Europe, bringing England, Wales and the Emerald Isle together.

St Asaph’s position in the centre of the region makes it an ideal location both for businesses serving the other parts of North Wales, but also those with customers and suppliers further afield, with Chester just 30 minutes by car, Manchester Airport only an hour away, and the ferry to Dublin an hour in the other direction. Similarly, direct trains to London from Rhyl, (just five miles away), take only 2 and half hours.

The park has attracted businesses in many sectors such as opto-electronics, biotech and telecoms; the national headquarters of the Green Thumb lawn treatment operation and the maintenance facility of the RNLI, Qioptiq and many others. With data links being just as important as physical ones, St Asaph is also well connected in this regard, as there is an optical fibre providing high bandwidth services running along the A55 trunk road with access available through the ‘point of presence’ at the business park.

St Asaph may be one of the smallest cities in Britain. But it’s big on ambition.

OpticOpTIC, Glyndwr University at the heart of the Business Park

When you arrive at St Asaph you will be immediately struck by the architecture, an innovative building that generates innovative ideas from the companies working on advanced technology that are based here.

OpTIC is a modern working environment in a setting that inspires creativity, innovation and a desire to succeed. At the heart of the Business Park is Glyndwr University, which provides R&D and serviced incubation facilities of 52 sq m for start up companies. As part of their own technical capability they are currently working on polishing the mirrors for the European Extremely Large Telescope, which is to be built in Chile.

OpTIC also specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing customised precision opto-mechanical components and systems, producing prototypes, new processes or final products for the opto-electronics and photonics industries. In one of Europe’s largest specialised industrial scale facilities OpTIC develops cutting-edge technology with an unparalleled array of highly specialist equipment and laboratory space.

Supportive Business Environment – Incubation

OpTIC provides start-up companies with a professional infrastructure and image to grow their business along with a range of business support services.

Designed for young technology businesses with high growth potential, the OpTIC incubation centre offers a fully serviced high quality space at an all-inclusive price. Uniquely, tenants are supported to achieve their potential through a tailored programme of business, technical and financial mentoring. 

The benefits to Incubator Companies to be located in OpTIC include:

  • The facility offers a number of flexible options for accommodation, from virtual suites to dedicated desks and incubation units, with space from 50 m2 to 150 m2 
  • A Technology Centre comprising 1,900 m2 of laboratory and clean room space for the development of innovative new products and processes
  • Tenancy is low risk, with a one month notice period appealing to start-up operations
  • Central reception and switchboard, with photocopying and post handling
  • Onsite meeting and conference facilities: a professional and state of the art environment to meet clients.

Conferencing Facilities

All tenants benefit from discounted rates for meeting room hire. OpTIC’s conferencing and meeting room facilities offer the perfect venue for an exhibition, product launch, training session, or workshop or simply to hold a business meeting with 6 conference rooms and a Board Room.

The range of meeting rooms and conference styles can accommodate between 5-120 delegates, and a dedicated conferencing team works closely with clients to cater meeting room facilities to meet individual needs.

Hospitality services

The on-site restaurant offers a high standard of catering delivered to the meeting rooms. Generous portions of good quality food are freshly prepared in house and are tailored to suit all tastes.

Companies within OpTIC

  • Acuity Products Limited: Produce advanced processing systems for industrial clients where our knowledge & understanding of the complete system engineering context produces a highly effective information fusion system.  The result of this system engineering know how is that Acuity Products develop market leading engineering product solutions to improve industrial manufacturing processes by automating the capture, validation and manipulation of information.
  • ADC Biotechnology: The privately owned spin-out was formed in September 2010 from Manchester based Reaxa Ltd.  ADCBL is developing novel polymer technology platforms for the purification of ‘magic bullet’ cancer drugs termed Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC’s), one of the most anticipated new areas in the biopharmaceutical market.  With manufacturing costs and increasing complexity being a challenge for many new drugs – especially in niche sectors – ADCBL will offer a unique approach to the purification of ADC’s.  Using new process technology, ADCBL aims to deliver significant reductions in manufacturing costs.
  • Credent Medical: A medical devices start-up company developing a novel technology for a painless, non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system for diabetics.
  • Dyesol: are an Australian company who are a leading developer and supplier of 3rd generation solar cell technology. The Dyesol team established the world’s first prototype manufacturing facility for Dye Solar Cells. Dyesol supplies equipment, materials and components for Dye Solar Cell Technology.
  • FibreSpeed Ltd: FibreSpeed wholesale the FibreSpeed fibre optic network across North Wales.
  • Finance Wales: Makes commercial investments in Wales-based businesses with the potential to grow.  They invest in small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Wales.
  • Kent Periscopes: Make and refurbish periscopes for tanks, army personnel carriers and any land based armored vehicle. Every army in the world now uses up to 3 different types of periscope to allow drivers, commanders, and gunners to view the outside world. 
  • MC Diagnostics: Experts in molecular analysis.  They have developed automated diagnostic kits for clinical laboratories – in particular instruments that apply DNA to plastics surfaces.
  • Menter a Busnes: Provide support and advice to individuals and groups who want to start or develop businesses.  They design their own support programmes for businesses, entrepreneurship, skills and innovation development and deliver business support programmes on behalf of other national and regional organisations.
  • SmartKem: Designs and synthesises world class 'organic' semiconductor materials for the manufacture of ultra thin, lightweight and  flexible electronics for use in applications such as mobile phones, tablets, PC's and TV's.
  • SmartKem:  organic semiconductors have the lead in electronic performance, can be processed at room temperature and can be easily formulated into electronic ‘inks’ for the printing of organic transistors used in displays, sensors and logic circuits.
  • Solus Sensors: provide all-optical, intrinsically safe sensor solutions for the detection and location of liquid spills over long distances. Using advanced polymer and fibre optic technology, sensors for hydrocarbon fuels, crude oils, solvents or water can respond in seconds and recover completely when the liquid is removed.
  • Sunfish Energy: The company are developing concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technology to reduce the cost of solar energy for the commercial solar market. CPV technology will allow sunlight falling on a large area to be collected and concentrated onto a smaller solar cell using low cost optics.
  • View Holographic: Taking advantage of the mass market potential for holograms. Using ground breaking and patented technologies, View Holographics is developing equipment to print and copy large, full colour 3D animated holograms for the consumer market.  In addition they also provide one-off special holograms using “Holoshot” camera to capture 3D images of individuals or products.
  • Welsh Opto-electronics Forum: The Forum is a consortium of Welsh companies, University research groups, users and support organisations, formed following the impetus of activities in North Wales, and is dedicated to the development and profitability of the opto-electronics sector in Wales and internationally.
  • Yeadon IP: Yeadon IP works in partnership with clients to identify, protect and develop IP assets. We also provide advice in respect of licensing, valuation and sale of IP


Ffordd William Morgan
St Asaph Business Park
St Asaph
LL17 0JD

Contact:   Debbie Davies
Job title:   Incubation Manager
Tel:   01745 535208
Email:   d.davies@glyndwr.ac.uk
Website:   www.glyndwr.ac.uk

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