Participants are invited to attend a workshop and join the discussion on: 

Innovative Place-Based Triple Helix Approaches for Regional Development through Smart Specialisation Strategies

Date: 28th-29th June 2019

Location: St Mary’s University – Twickenham 

Attendance is free, and there are opportunities to present a case of 

–          place-based strategies 

–          the role of Science Parks in regional development

–          managing university-industry collaboration 

–          managing active Triple Helix Engagement

–          how to mobilise multiple stakeholders 

–          entrepreneurship, smart specialisation and regional strategic co-alignment 

–          the role of government and Science Parks

–          strategic development of regions and places.

Participants are invited to register for the workshop and send a brief outline of their proposals to

Further details on the workshop or on the Master class on Triple Helix Scenario Planning and Building a How-to-Do Practice for Multistakeholder Engagement are available at:

Submitted on 10/05/2019