WISE, the campaign for diversity, inclusion and change in STEM, has launched its Covid Unsung Heroes Awards to celebrate the women working in STEM that have changed lives, communities and the economy for the better during the pandemic.

Kay Hussain, WISE’s Chief Executive Officer, explains: “The pandemic has shown us the many ways in which science, technology, engineering and manufacturing can make a real difference to our world. STEM workers have advised governments, as well as created life-saving tests and vaccines, new technologies and medical equipment. Many of those involved have been women and many won’t consider themselves a hero. We want to change this and demonstrate that actions make heroes and heroes can come in many different forms.”

The Awards are open to any women working in STEM who has, in some way, supported efforts to limit the impact of COVID-19.

Kay adds: “We’re really keen to learn, share and celebrate the stories of women in STEM whose actions and brilliance have helped, and continue to help, society through these unprecedented times. Bringing their stories to light will help inspire future generations of women and girls to consider a career in STEM.”

There are following six awards are now open for nominations: 

  • WISE Tech Award will recognise an exceptional woman who developed a new technological or digital solution to solve a societal, medical (not vaccine related) or technological challenge caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The individual will have identified a problem that needed to be solved, then acted to deliver a successful response.
  • WISE New Approach Award will recognise a woman who developed a STEM solution to support community members during the pandemic. The work will have been either as part of their employment or within a voluntary capacity.
  • WISE Data Solution Award will recognise an exceptional woman who created a novel data driven or analytical solution to a problem caused by the pandemic. We encourage women from all sectors to apply.
  • WISE D&I Award will recognise an individual, group or organisation that found innovative ways of ensuring that Diversity & Inclusion targets were met during the pandemic.
  • WISE New Educator Award will recognise a woman who developed an innovative approach to education or training, working at any level or in any sphere, to overcome a challenge created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The award is not limited to professional educators and will focus on impact. 
  • WISE Responsive Hero Award will recognise and celebrate a STEM hero whose paid or voluntary work during the pandemic was exceptional. This person’s response will have been over and above their traditional voluntary or paid duties.

Nominations close at midnight on 31st December. To find out more and nominate visit: https://www.wisecampaign.org.uk/unsung-covid-heroes