Oberlanders Architects LLP is working with Professor Sir Mike Ferguson and the University of Dundee, on their proposed Life Sciences Innovation Hub.

The new Innovation Hub will house new high-growth spinout companies and is part of the transformational Growing the Tay Cities Biomedical Cluster.

The project involves 3 separate facilities (on 3 different sites):

1. The Tay Cities Regional Innovation Hub (the building in the image)

2. A Clinical R&D Innovation Environment within the new multidisciplinary Tayside Innovation MedTech Ecosystem (TIME) located in Wilson House

3. An expansion of the Thiel Cadaver Facility at  the University’s Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID).

Currently at concept design stage, Oberlanders are working with a fantastic design team that includes Hully & Kirkwood, Pick Everard and Gleeds. Construction will commence later this year and the Innovation Hub is scheduled to open in mid-2023.

For more on the project go to – www.oberlanders.co.uk