Specialist design and experience consultancy Glue Studio is set to expand its partnership with new Travis Perkins construction venture BUILT/, a drive-thru experience for builders providing competitively fixed priced supplies and a faster way to get materials to building sites.   

Glue Studio, a Birmingham-based design agency, has been supporting the launch of the BUILT/ brand through providing an “omnichannel experience” for customers of the venture, creating a design system that allows the brand to follow a set of guidelines when rolling out expansion. 

Having opened its first branch in Aston during August 2017, BUILT/ has been applying the new store format to pack more products in less space, and is now looking to continue its successful partnership with Glue Studio and launch several more in the West Midlands throughout 2018 and 2019, boosting job prospects in the region.

Implementing smart delivery algorithms, forward-thinking processes and distinctive features, such as the Usain BUILT/ delivery truck, the new venture is not only tapping into the fixed price trade market forecasted to be worth £8.8bn, but also plans to expand across Birmingham. Nick Thomas, Managing Director, BUILT/ said:

“BUILT/ is an industry changing business in the construction sector, combining a mixture of online, branch and app services. There has never been an easier or quicker way to collect building materials or have them delivered. There’s strong competitor growth, profitability and expansion plans and things such as click and collect have increased our visibility and sales.

“We’re delighted that Glue Studio is on board to help us position the business in exactly the right way. Glue Studio incorporates completely fresh ideas and presents a cutting edge concept in a way that is accessible for our audience.”

A new facility in Tyseley is set to launch the next phase of the continued partnership, which comes in addition to Glue Studio’s recent relocation to the Innovation Birmingham Campus, the UK’s largest location for digital technology businesses. 

With over 16 years of experience as a designer spanning 11 agencies across healthcare, automotive, retail and commerce sectors, Managing Director of Glue Studio Billy Clarke now runs the consultancy alongside over 1000 techies and 160 other digital technology businesses. Billy said: 

“We are making giant leaps forward as a consultancy, with the Travis Perkins partnership being absolutely crucial to our growth. We’ve been implementing our expertise in physical and digital branding throughout the partnership, launching elements such as a cookie cutter design system to fit any branch format, and embedding a customer centric approach using design to bridge the gap.

“These elements have helped to launch the BUILT/ brand and create an immersive, consistent and thriving business synonymous with speed, ease and efficiency. The brand is now being recognised as a mechanism that improves the lives of builders by streamlining a central part of the supply chain, and we’re delighted to be a part of that.”

To learn more about the partnership and how design gave impetus to a new venture within the construction industry, contact Billy Clarke on 07590 329 597 or email, billy@weareglue.studio, or visit the case study.

Submitted on 21/06/2018