As part of our activity to measure the impact of Covid19 on UKSPA members we launched the survey earlier this week. The broad conclusions were as follows:

  • Almost 70 % of members now have their management teams working remotely
  • Around 10% of members have some of their management team furloughed
  • 22% of members have furloughed some or all of their operational staff with 14% planning to implement shortly and 16% currently considering this
  • Unsurprisingly, there is now an almost complete closure of catering outlets – including take away services
  • Well over half of members have partially closed their site with around 15% that have or about to implement full closure.

There are now significant measures in place to help support occupiers/tenant companies:

  • Well over a third of members are offering deferral of payments or payment holidays for occupiers
  • 15% of members are currently responding positively to requests for early termination of leases/licenses but with another 30% actively considering this
  • There is evidence of considerable flexibility being demonstrated by members with over half of respondents now providing access to some buildings outside of normal hours to allow occupiers to reduce simultaneous staff presence.

We now want to be able to share member impact on finances and also some detailed information on the details being developed on deferral of payment and Payment holidays.  This will be through a 5 minute survey that will be circulated on Friday. I hope that you are able to support this and will find the results helpful.

We are also adding details of company activity in the response to Covid19 at