EyeControl, an Israeli medical technology startup, was founded in 2016, by three entrepreneurs, each with a personal connection to Locked-in individuals. After opening a UK subsidiary in 2019, the team behind this ground-breaking communication solution is setting up their first UK office at Plymouth Science Park. 

The EyeControl is the first wearable, screenless, assistive communication device. AI-powered eye-tracking technology enables Locked-in individuals and ventilated patients, who can’t speak, to communicate using only intuitive eye movements.

The device consists of a lightweight head mount with an eye-tracking camera, bone conduction earpiece and small processing unit with a speaker. The user controls audio menus with pupil movements that are read by the camera and transmitted to the processing unit. Once the user makes a selection, it is converted to speech via the output speaker or connected Bluetooth device. As a wearable device, the EyeControl provides a 24/7 communication solution, available immediately upon waking, while in the bathroom, or in a car.

The move to Plymouth Science Park will positively impact company activities in South West England, where EyeControl’s UK Marketing Product Specialist, Ryan Goodwin, coordinates sales, assessments, training and support for current and potential customers and their care circles. The office space will be particularly useful for upcoming continued professional development seminars being offered to local speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists, who can use the EyeControl device to support the communication needs of their patients. 

Ryan said: “We’re delighted to have made the move to Plymouth Science Park, where we can continue to commercialize the innovative technology used in our products, and collaborate with like-minded medical, scientific, and academic individuals in the region. EyeControl dramatically improves the quality of life of those we work with, and by working at Plymouth Science Park we hope to reach more people than ever before.”

Fay Davies, Business Development Manager at Plymouth Science Park said: “The ground-breaking work of EyeControl is truly life-changing for users and their families. We are delighted to welcome them to Plymouth Science Park and will be supporting them as they continue to develop AI solutions.”

For more information EyeControl visit: https://www.eyecontrol.co.il/product

For more information on Plymouth Science Park visit: https://plymouthsciencepark.com