World-leading provider of system-level audio solutions, SoundChip, has officially opened its new office space at Sci-Tech Daresbury as it continues to see strong appetite for its innovative wearable sound technology.  

SoundChip is a Swiss-headquartered company that develops revolutionary wearable sound solutions which are used by global audio brands such as Panasonic, Philips, Harman, Audio Technica and RHA. 

The company launched its new Technology Centre at Sci-Tech Daresbury’s Vanguard House on Tuesday, December 12, where it will focus on the research and development of new noise cancelling products and technologies. 

The company has been based at Sci-Tech Daresbury since 2011, having recently expanded its office and laboratory space threefold to more than 2400 sq ft. 

Vanguard House is a 36,000 sq ft facility providing office, laboratory and workshop space. The building was the first development of the new Sci-Tech Daresbury Joint Venture and follows on from the success of The Innovation Centre. 

Mark Donaldson, CEO of SoundChip, said: “We’re so pleased to be launching our base at Vanguard House as we continue to realise our potential in the UK market. We chose Sci-Tech Daresbury over alternative locations because of its strong focus on supporting high-technology, the knowledge and experience of its staff and the quality facilities. 

“Basing our operations here supports the high-speed growth that we are currently experiencing for our technologies and solutions. Traditionally, active noise-cancelling features have been locked into those flagship products on the high street. However, this technology is now permeating into more mainstream value models, which means that there are a greater number of products available on the market. 

“This is a wave that we’ve been preparing for and in order to deliver this, we need to have a strong team of electro-acoustic engineers that are kitted out with the most sophisticated equipment and have the capacity and facilities to do that work to scale. We recognise that our customers value that offering and this capability is what sets SoundChip apart from its competitors.” 

Sci-Tech Daresbury is a private-public joint-venture partnership between developer Langtree, the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and Halton Borough Council. 

Jayne Furnival, group property director of Langtree, said: “We are delighted that SoundChip has expanded its operations at Vanguard House, a facility designed specifically for companies that are looking to grow and develop their business offering. They are part of a growing group of around 20 international companies that have established a strategic base at Sci-Tech Daresbury to take advantage of business and technology collaborations in the UK and Europe.  

“SoundChip is a very forward thinking and innovative company that offers its customers unique expertise and a hands-on approach and we’re looking forward to continuing our relationship and supporting the company as it grows and continues to lead the way in this sector.”

Submitted on 20/12/2017