SKC Games Studio, a pioneering Suffolk-based games company based at The Epicentre, Haverhill, is excited to announce the launch of its Early Access campaign for Project UN: Taradene Exclusively on Indiegogo. The campaign aims to raise a core following during the development of the highly anticipated science fiction open-world RPG shooter/stealth/hacking/investigative series, Project UN®.

Project UN: Taradene is the first title in the series and is set to release in episodes to Early Access backers this summer, with the complete story set to be released to PC and Console audiences in the fall of 2025. Early Access users will receive monthly updates from August 2023 and will have the opportunity to contribute to the development process through feedback and exclusively engagement via a members area on the Project UN website and social media channels.

The game places a heavy emphasis on storytelling and character development, allowing players to influence the course of the narrative through their interactions and key decisions. The game allows players to play as both Hamish, a stealth and hacking specialist, and Teri, a shoot-first-ask-questions-later combat specialist. The game is set across three distinct playing environments – Earth, Taradene (an Alien world), and The Bridge (a Space Station between Earth and Taradene) – and features lush environments and richly developed characters.

“We are excited to launch our Early Access Campaign for Project UN: Taradene and bring our unique and immersive gaming experience to players. Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a game that places a heavy emphasis on storytelling and character development, and we are committed to delivering a unique and engaging experience to players. We invite players to join us on this journey and contribute to the development of Project UN: Taradene through their feedback and support, especially the new SKC AI NPC engine which makes it more immersive. SKC, Shared Knowledge Community is our vision to listen, fully engage and empower our community to make a real difference as the Project UN Universe expands” said Asa Burrows, CoFounder of SKC Games Studio.

SKC Games Studio is committed to delivering a unique and immersive gaming experience to players and has developed the SKC AI NPC engine to enhance player/NPC interaction. The engine is agnostic to large language model providers, meaning that players everywhere can experience natural idle chit chat with their NPC characters including in regions where certain AI maybe restricted. The Bridge will develop into our vision for a Metaverse. The Bridge, allows players to socialise with friends and experience a safe space outside of the game but within the game genre and context living as their future selves. This has a subtle crossover with the game as your apartment on The Bridge and assets are available to you in the game.

The Early Access Campaign offers exceptional perks to backers, including personalised clothing and the opportunity to design one of the leading characters in the game. Join the campaign and be part of bringing Project UN: Taradene to life.

SKC Games Studio is a small, privately founded and funded studio committed to creating a positive and lasting impact in the region while creating a series of story-telling titles. The studio has an experienced Award-Winning team to develop Project UN and the team’s outstanding track record and wealth of expertise in the gaming industry will result in games that will captivate players and keep them on the edge of their seats!

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