Businesses have immediately warmed to Silverstone Park’s contemporary new agile work space ‘The WRaP’ after sampling it for the first time with one likening it to the environment provided for visitors by social media giant Facebook.

The ‘WRaP’ title reflects the space’s comfortable design which allows the business community – including the Park’s occupiers and their customers – to ‘work, rest and play’.

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Meanwhile, having experienced the space at a recent launch event, here’s what some business people have had to say.

Jules White, The Last Hurdle (digital marketing specialist)
“It is very Facebook-esque. It’s light, it’s vibrant, it’s got modern technology; there’s comfortable seating and the facility is very clean and very welcoming.

“This is going to appeal to many businesses; it’s a premier location for meetings and gives you all the connectivity you need to catch-up on emails and calls.”

Mike Christensen, Stitcht (social video app to source user generated content)
“It’s really good to see a business estate establishing more flexible ways of working for the companies it represents; it opens up the door for more people to drop in and network.

“Working in a homely environment is the modern way. It means you could set up several meetings all in one day here and feel relaxed in between.”

Sian Gannon, Tomorrow’s Journey (mobility solutions platform)
“It’s a fantastic work space with a really nice, relaxing vibe. You’ve got power for PC and mobile devices with very good WiFi connection. That’s exactly what you’d expect of a modern science park.

“It’s also going to be a very welcoming space for people visiting businesses based here.”

Kevin Morris, KPM (sales and business development consultancy)
“Some places can be uncomfortable and feel restrictive. This is the exact opposite and is a fantastic environment for businesses – a welcoming space that people can really utilise.

“It’s a great idea and I can see myself using it on many occasions.”

Included in ‘The WRaP’ are:
• Relaxing sofa area with TV/fire place and ability to be used to give presentations
• Acoustic swivel booth for private phone calls
• Kitchen-style work desk with PC and mobile device (USB) power points
• Courtesy high-speed Wi-Fi connection
• Games console (Playstation™)
• Bistro tables
• Live TV news feed
• Complimentary light refreshments (tea/coffee)

Submitted on 03/06/2019