Our Industrial Fellowships provide funding toward fees and salary for an individual to study for a PhD while working, linking cutting edge academic research with industrial scale to create new products and services. They offer everything that a conventional PhD does, at a lower cost to companies looking to undertake their own R&D.

This approach empowers individuals to become more skilled, and further embedded in their industry, while creating genuine value from their research, helping outpace competitors and developing new leaders in the field.

Our Fellowships boost career development and both academic and industrial expertise. Fellows operate at the cutting edge of science and technology and have the support to join a global community of innovators at conferences and events.

Industrial Fellowships provide funding of up to £100,000, covering salary contributions, university fees and costs for doctoral studies for up to 3 years of research. The output of such an investment is estimated at £2 million a year in intellectual property, developing crucial new technologies and scientific advances that advance research fields and British industrial players.

Fellows also gain access to a prestigious alumni network that includes 13 Nobel Laureates and countless leaders in their fields.

Applications are now open, and you can find application information on the Commission website here: https://royalcommission1851.org/fellowships/industrial-fellowships