Rothamsted Enterprises CEO, Nicole Sadd, has been appointed as Board Member with Venues of Excellence. Venues of Excellence is a unique and diverse organisation made up of hospitality industry experts and specialists and represents the best independent venues in the UK.

Nicole has previously been involved with Venues of Excellence and appreciates how the brand is recognised for excellence and quality in the hospitality sector.

Mandy Jennings, executive director at Venues of Excellence, said: “We’re thrilled to welcome Nicole to our board of directors. Nicole has been involved with Venues of Excellence for some time now and we were thrilled to award Rothamsted Conference Centre accreditation last year, proving testimony to the hard work Nicole and her team have put into achieving excellence and leading the way for our sector.

Ivor Turner, Chairman of Venues of Excellence, commented “We know that Nicole is totally committed to our five key quality pledges for 2020 to ensure its members uphold high standards in areas including customer satisfaction, employee wellbeing, supporting the environment and the mentoring and education of our teams.

Nicole has spent her career across several sectors in both the UK and USA. From hospitality management to asset management, to managing commercial entities alongside education and research organisations. For over twenty years Nicole has led and developed teams around her, to deliver organisational objectives and generate income.

Nicole combines passion, energy and enthusiasm with real vision and focus. She leads the Rothamsted Enterprises organisation with a strong emphasis on sustainability as well as a drive towards innovation and collaboration in agri-tech. 

Outside of the work environment, Nicole is a keen yachtswoman and sailed across the Atlantic in 2008 and competed in the Fastnet race in 2009. More recently she leads a running group and has completed two marathon walking events for charity. 

Nicole’s aim now is to raise the profile of the work undertaken at Rothamsted Enterprises and Rothamsted Research and ensure the campus in Harpenden drives innovation in the agri-tech sector to ensure long term food security.