Roslin Innovation Centre 

Roslin Innovation Centre

The University of Edinburgh
Easter Bush Campus
Midlothian,  EH25 9RG


The location of the Roslin Innovation Centre, at the heart of the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush Campus, allows for the natural development of business collaborators with laboratory and office space situated close to the science and clinical livestock expertise.

The development of Roslin Innovation Centre is a key component of the overall Master Plan for Easter Bush, produced in 2008, and it forms an integral part of the significant investment being made by the University of Edinburgh in the Campus.

Facilities and Services

Roslin Innovation Centre offers flexible office and laboratory space with accommodation for over 285 laboratory workstations and office space for up to 380 scientists.

Each of the laboratory spaces have been carefully designed so that they can be subdivided into any configuration, whilst still maintaining shared access to the support areas and changing facilities. Like the laboratory space, the office areas can also be subdivided into any configuration, whilst maintaining access to break out areas and meeting rooms. There is dedicated car parking, cafeteria facilities and flexible occupancy terms.

Campus Hub

Roslin Innovation Centre is the gateway to the rest of the Easter Bush Campus, with shared Campus facilities such as a shop, gym and student services, all located on the ground floor and is available to staff, students, public, tenants and visitors.

Campus services are provided to all tenants and include:

  • Staffed reception
  • Central Support Unit (CSU) – providing a range of laboratory services including autoclave, glass-washing, slide and reagent preparation and a lab consumable service
  • Meeting rooms

Business Support

Roslin Innovation Centre offers facilitated access to:

  • Bio Imaging/Cell Sorting and Flow Cytometry Facility
  • Biological Research Facility
  • The Centre for Comparative Pathology
  • Edinburgh Genomics
  • The Wellcome Trust Critical Care Laboratory for Large Animals

There is also access to other scientific facilities on the Campus including:

  • Bio-Imaging and Flow Cytometry
  • Edinburgh Genomics
  • Easter Bush Pathology
  • National Avian Research Facility (NARF)


Roslin Innovation Centre is in Midlothian, on the south side of the City of Edinburgh and located on the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush Campus, just off the Edinburgh City Bypass. There are excellent local, national and international transport links.

The Campus is in a unique, semi rural location adjacent to the Pentland Hills with its very own microclimate and close to the historic village of Roslin, home to the famous Rosslyn Chapel.

Want to collaborate? View a summary of tenant companies at Roslin Innovation Centre.





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