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Roslin BioCentre

Wallace Building
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“We decided to move to Roslin because it offered the range of services, facilities and support that we needed. The package was cost effective and the costs were transparent. It was really important to us to be able to walk into labs that were ready to use with minimal modification, as we were unwilling to fit out a shell. We wanted to be part of a dynamic entrepreneurial community and the shared facilities helped keep our costs down.”

Dr Ian Fotheringham, President, Ingenza ltd


Roslin BioCentre is a world-leading ‘centre of excellence’ for life sciences with an impressive array of successful companies located at the science park, providing a thriving scientific community, reflected by the wide variety of commercial and academic life science-related organisations onsite and close by.

Roslin BioCentre works to a simple philosophy in catering for new tenants – “walk in, switch on the lights and start work”. The Park is focused on providing an excellent level of customer service and delivers exceptional value for money. It has an unrivalled ability to cater for the needs of both office and lab-based organisations, providing flexible and affordable accommodation.

Roslin BioCentre Limited is looking to create a conduit for tenant companies so that they can explore and be supported in new international markets and the Park has developed international connections and collaborations with similar science park facilities throughout the world.

Roslin BioCentre aims to proactively assist companies through business development, access to business analysis support, international contacts and facilitation of company relocation to foster industry networks in the bioscience community. They can facilitate access into Scotland, the UK and Europe on a reciprocal basis for overseas partners and in local collaboration can provide ’soft landing’ facilities for companies wanting to visit such as accessibility to meeting rooms and facilities available as required.


Roslin BioCentre benefits from international recognition as the birth place of Dolly the sheep, the first cloned mammal. Roslin is an internationally known name in the field of life sciences – “it opens doors”. As a science park, it has operated successfully since 1999 with an excellent track record of growth and developing early stage companies.


At the heart of the ‘Edinburgh Science Triangle’, the area provides a stimulating scientific and commercial environment for companies to mature and develop. Within a two mile radius is The Roslin Institute’s new research building at the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush campus, Moredun Research Institute, Pentlands Science Park and Edinburgh Technopole.

Located on the south side of Edinburgh and in the shadow of the Pentland Hills, Roslin BioCentre is situated in a rural environment, rich with grassland and trees. It offers tenants a chance to enjoy village life whilst being only 8 miles from Edinburgh city centre. There are excellent local, national and international transport links with Edinburgh Airport only a 20 minute drive away.

Property Solutions

Providing a range of adaptable accommodation options, Roslin BioCentre works in partnership with its tenants to ensure that companies are provided with the infrastructure and facilities that they need for their growing business needs.

Whilst able to meet the needs and demands of the largest occupiers, Roslin BioCentre is also focused on providing practical property solutions for smaller, energetic and vibrant life science based businesses.

A range of flexible property opportunities with favourable lease terms are available, including short-term six month leases, providing the flexibility for young companies to grow.

The Wallace Building offer fully-serviced suites in a supported environment and including comprehensive site services and all utility costs within the terms of the lease. Roslin BioCentre is also able to offer ready set up laboratory space and lab-based tenants benefit from a wide range of shared facilities including cold room, wash up/autoclave room and specialist waste handling.

Cost-effective with predetermined charges, tenants only pay for the space they are using with all utilities, maintenance and running costs included in the service fee, so there are no unexpected bills.

For companies that may not require a permanent physical presence onsite, Roslin BioCentre also offers working solutions with Virtual Tenancy and Hot Desk packages.

Additional Information

Roslin BioCentre is a founding member of the Edinburgh Science Triangle, a pioneering collaboration of universities, research institutes and science parks. The main objective is to foster this science and technology community, increasing levels of collaboration between academia and business – specifically businesses located within the regions science parks – and to attract new investment.

The partnership provides a supportive community and offers access to knowledge and expertise, resources and facilities, new technologies, accommodation and services, business support and networks across the scientific spectrum. The Edinburgh city region is a leading international destination for scientific research and innovation and the area accounts for roughly two-thirds of Scotland’s spend on R & D and this multi-disciplinary partnership helps to promote the city region as a world-class science destination.

Roslin BioCentre is also a founding member of the UK BioIncubator Forum. The forum is a unique alliance between BioIncubator facilities throughout the UK, which aims to bring together the strengths within the sector to provide an interface for national and local government bodies, academia, private sector life science industry and investors. By sharing best practice and information, the group aims to overcome factors limiting the growth of its tenant companies and promote their successes by marketing the might of the industry as a whole.

Roslin BioCentre operates an onsite registered private nursery, Forest Friends, which provides high quality childcare from birth to 5 years and has been highly commended by the Care Commission.

Companies on the Park include

Argentix: Provide comprehensive commercialisation and business support, enabling businesses to fund and manage rapid growth, increase competitiveness and exploit commercial opportunities.

Biological Consulting Europe Ltd: Provide expert support and advice in product development and commercialisation to smaller healthcare companies.

Censo Biotechnologies Ltd: A stem cell technology company providing human cells and contract research services for drug discovery, toxicity testing and cell banking.

Garrapat Ltd: Development of sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions to insect pest problems in public health, agriculture and other fields. Also consultancy work, maintaining active research links in Brazil, Colombia, Tunisia and Australia.

Ingenza Ltd: Bioprocess company providing cost efficient and practical industrial scale manufacture of chiral chemicals particularly amino acids and amines as well as biopharmaceuticals and fuels.

Puma Biotechnology: A biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the acquisition and development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of cancer.

Roslin Cellab: A ‘one stop shop’ Stem Cell Commercialisation Unit providing short, focused, proof of concept stage research

Roslin Cell Sciences Ltd: Committed to the production of high quality induced pluripotent stem cells for use in drug discovery.  We offer a complete cell-based contract research service for iPSC production and have the capacity to generate and handle large numbers of cell lines for use in fundamental research and drug development

Roslin Foundation: A company limited by guarantee and a registered charity, which oversees the financial reserves and subsidiary companies of the former Roslin Institute.

Scottish Bioenergy Ltd: Design, install and operate algal photobioreactor systems for biochemical production. Involved in micro-evolution, bioprospecting and using natural manipulation techniques for targeted biochemical production.

Well Cow: Introducing new technology to animal health monitoring and providing farmers with immediate alerts on the status of their herds on PC’s and mobile devices.


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