The implications of COVID-19 have been profound and the path to business recovery is evolving and fluid. We are sharing our expertise and advice based on a rapidly growing body of experience, detailed guidance documents, technical specifications, protocols and tools that we have developed for and with our clients, and for our own CBRE workplace.

The process of reopening is already underway in some parts of the world. CBRE is actively supporting clients in developing and implementing plans and protocols, creating and consolidating leading practices, and forming recommendations about how to rethink, reopen and reoccupy workplaces when the time comes.

Stages of Recovery

All work environments—whether owned or leased offices, warehouses, labs, retail stores or manufacturing facilities—will require careful consideration and tailored plans. It is a complex undertaking that requires planning, thought and collaboration with key stakeholders. Landlords whose properties have technically remained open should think differently about the resumption of activity in their properties. From the occupier perspective, we have organized our guidance into three key categories:

  • Planning for the Return to the Workplace,
  • Bringing Employees Back to Work,
  • Ongoing Management and Workplace Evolution.

With so much uncertainty still ahead of us, it’s hard to plan with confidence. Occupiers can benefit from detailed, location-by-location reopening readiness efforts. Working together, occupiers and

landlords can both benefit from open, proactive and practical dialogue about what the total workplace environment—from the front door of the workplace and common areas to the occupier’s offices—needs to look like for a safe and healthy return to work.

CBRE has produced a whitepaper providing observations and guidance for Re-opening the Workplace and due to popular demand, has produced a playbook which provides specifications, checklists and best practice . To read more about Re-opening the World’s Workplaces or to receive a copy of the whitepaper and playbook please contact Harry Casillas on the details below:

Harry Casillas

Manager, Life Sciences

07342 083799