Manchester-based tax specialist, R&D Tax Solutions Ltd, has formed a partnership with United Kingdom Science Park Association (UKSPA) to offer its members assistance with research and development projects.

The tax specialist is offering services to help science parks and their tenants successfully claim R&D tax credits, which are awarded by the government for innovative projects. They are also able to help with the acquisition of grant funding for eligible projects. In doing so, R&D Tax Solutions can facilitate the recovery of large sums of overpaid corporation tax, enabling business’ projects to be continued or new activity to be started. 

“Our ability to turn claims around in a matter of weeks means enhanced service offering for the science parks and more money in the bank for their tenants.” says Evgeni Vachkov, Business Operations Director at R&D Tax Solutions. “Our in-depth understanding of tax legislation and close relationship with HMRC mean we have a 100% success rate to date, so those with an eligible claim have an extremely high chance of recouping overpaid tax.”

The partnership enables UKSPA to offer another avenue of support to its members alongside the networking, benchmarking and promotional benefits already provided. 

R&D Tax Solutions is now looking for new revenue-share partnerships with the science parks, aiming to bring the benefits of its services to the entire UK science parks ecosystem. To get in touch, interested parties can call 0161 298 1010 or email

Submitted on 26/07/2018