Plymouth Science Park tenant Acronyms have welcomed two new electric vans to their fleet in their bid to become carbon neutral following the Park’s installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

IT support company Acronyms work across Plymouth, Cornwall and Devon, visiting clients in person to resolve issues which can’t be managed remotely. The team have recently introduced two new electric vehicles to their fleet, reducing fuel costs and lowering the company’s carbon footprint.

Dave Smith, Managing Director at Acronyms, said: “Every company will need to take steps to become net zero, and the sooner the better. By starting to make small changes such that we can easily implement in our day-to-day work, such as this, we can work towards our long-term goal of becoming carbon neutral.”

As well as being more sustainable, the new vehicles offer financial benefits. Dave Parker, Technical Director at Acronyms, said: “Our IT support team are out every day helping clients, so having electric vans is very cost effective. We can get roughly 150 miles with one charge without ever having to fuel up, massively reducing our operations costs as living and fuel prices continue to increase.”

Sustainability is a priority for Plymouth Science Park, and the installation of ten new EV charging points on site in 2020 to support tenants switching to electric vehicles is really starting to bear fruit, allowing businesses such as Acronyms to take steps towards becoming carbon neutral.

The installation was supported by funding from Plymouth City Council as part of a wider city initiative. The charging points allow tenants to charge their vehicles on site, meaning that tenants, visitors and companies like Acronyms can travel when they need, without having to worry about recharging.

Fay Davies, Business Development Manager at Plymouth Science Park, said: “It’s fantastic to see more tenants making use of the electric vehicle charging points on the Park, as we encourage more people to make the switch to electric. This is just one of the ways we are supporting our community in making green choices, and we hope to see this become the norm over time.”

Photo caption (L-R): Ian McFadzen (CEO at Plymouth Science Park), David Parker (Technical Director at Acronyms), Fay Davies (Business Development Manager at Plymouth Science Park), Tom Moore (Business Development Director at Acronyms), Steve Holland (Estates Manager at Plymouth Science Park), Ian Pearce (Finance Director at Plymouth Science Park)