The family practice at top 50 law firm Penningtons Manches Cooper has joined forces with legal technology specialist Settify to develop a bespoke version of its innovative online platform. The custom-built tool will enhance the experience of new clients wishing to explore their options on a variety of family law issues including separation, finances and children.

Settify uses artificial intelligence to interact with clients making enquiries for the first time, provides them with relevant initial information based on their particular circumstances, and prepares a full brief of instructions for lawyers. The information gathered and organised via the system makes the first meeting between new client and lawyer more solution focused.

Prospective clients can access Settify via the firm’s website. It asks eight simple questions about their situation and an algorithm instantly generates a personalised summary. This provides the client with an initial idea about where they stand and how the team’s specialist lawyers can help. Subsequently, clients have the option to complete an in-depth induction, which uses artificial intelligence to emulate the initial questions that family lawyers have traditionally asked face to face at far higher cost.

Rebecca Dziobon, Senior Knowledge Lawyer in the family practice said:

“We are really excited to have worked with Settify’s CEO Max Paterson and his team to deliver this customised version of the platform. Our aim is to give clients an introduction to the legal issues relevant to their situation ahead of their first meeting and to focus on delivering targeted advice from the get-go. Settify puts the information gathering process in the client’s hands, to complete in their own space and time before they meet us. Front-loading the information in this way means that our clients will feel better prepared when they first step through our doors and will facilitate a more focused and productive initial meeting addressing the issues that matter to the individual and their family.

Settify CEO and Australian Family Lawyer Max Paterson said:

“It was a privilege to work with one of the UK’s top family law teams which recognises that innovation and intelligent use of technology can elevate the service and value delivered for clients. Our collaboration means that all Penningtons Manches Cooper family clients can be assisted by artificial intelligence, so that when they first meet with the team’s specialist lawyers they can focus on receiving expert legal advice on their particular situation and determine a constructive way forward.”