A PSP company is receiving praise for its ingenuity in creating an application that can help measure the effects of human interaction on the marine environment.

Peninsula Data Solutions (PDS) has successfully developed an application, called ABACUS, which standardises data management processes and provides a single platform to record, quality assure, store and export marine ecological data.

The team has been working closely with Ocean Ecology, based in Gloucestershire, which specialises in providing a range of marine ecological survey and consultancy services for projects – both coastal and offshore zones. These feed into Environmental Impact Assessments, monitoring programs and applied research.

The team at Ocean Ecology is delighted with the results. Technical Director, Ross Griffin says,

‘It has already resulted in significant time saving for our organisation above and beyond what we had initially envisaged.’

‘It’s thanks in no small part to the in-depth knowledge and understanding the PDS team has demonstrated in relation to developing database systems.’

‘We believe ABACUS is the only application that provides a standardised end-to-end data management solution for organisations conducting analysis of marine biological sample analysis.’

‘From providing a live link to the World Register of Marine Species, it allows instant access to the most up to date authoritative species list to eventually exporting data in recognised MEDIN data standards,’ explains Elliot Carter, Co-Director of Peninsula Data Solutions.

ABACUS’ has recently been used to import 40 years’ worth of marine ecological data which is provided in a recognised standard format and opens new potential for analyses plus data sharing.

The team has also been working with a health-based company to provide a document management system with a focus on quality assurance and training compliance.

‘The system allows staff to confirm required documents have been read and training requirements have been met, also providing managers with the tools to monitor compliance,’ explains Paul Williams, Co-Director of Peninsula Data Solutions.

Both Paul and Elliot have more than ten years’ experience in software development in industries such as clinical trials, healthcare, retail, and housing prior to forming the company in September 2018.

Plymouth Science Park has proved to be an outstanding location for PDS due to the high proportion of STEM-related businesses on the site.

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