WISE (Women into Science and Engineering) is thrilled to announce the opening of nominations for the 2024 WISE Awards – an esteemed awards ceremony dedicated to recognising and honouring exceptional women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). As we continue to strive for greater gender diversity and representation in these critical fields, these awards stand as a testament to the remarkable contributions women have made and continue to make to society.

Championing Women in STEM

The WISE Awards aims to highlight the remarkable achievements, innovations, and leadership demonstrated by women across the STEM sectors in the UK. These awards are a platform to showcase the transformative impact that women have in pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery, technological advancement, engineering ingenuity, and mathematical excellence. By acknowledging these remarkable individuals, we hope to inspire the next generation of women to pursue their passions in STEM fields without hesitation.

Nominate an Outstanding Woman in STEM

Nominations for the WISE Awards are open to the public organisations alike. Individuals, institutions, colleagues, and peers are invited to nominate candidates who have exhibited exceptional dedication, creativity, and impact within their respective STEM disciplines. Nominees can represent a wide range of STEM sectors including but not limited to biotechnology, computer science, aerospace engineering, environmental sciences, mathematics, and more.

WISE Awards Categories

The Princess Royal’s WISE Lifetime Achievement Award

Celebrating a woman who is later in her career, whose long-standing dedication has made significant and evident improvements in STEM.

The Princess Royal’s WISE Rising Star Award

Celebrating a woman that shows great promise within her STEM role.

EDI Champion Award

Celebrating an exceptional individual or organisation who’s gone above and beyond in championing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in STEM.

STEM Ally Award

Celebrating an individual of any gender who has actively promoted or contributed to allyship or has supported the equality and progression of women within the STEM industry.

STEM Leadership Award

Celebrating a woman business leader who stands out as an outstanding role model for women in STEM and supports equity within her organisation.

Nurturing New Talent Award

Recognising a dedicated organisation, mentor and/or individual who has nurtured and developed female STEM talent.

STEM Returner Award

Celebrating an individual who after a career break has returned to STEM and excelled as a result.

The Outstanding Woman in Science Award

Celebrating an individual who has excelled in her field and set an example for women in science.

The Outstanding Woman in Technology Award

Celebrating an individual who has excelled in her field and set an example for women in technology.

The Outstanding Woman in Engineering Award

Celebrating an individual who has excelled in her field and set an example for women in engineering.

CEO of WISE Kay Hussain commented: “Our 2024 awards will provide an excellent opportunity to recognise and raise the profile of pioneering women in STEM, as well as organisations working to  improve gender balance.”

“We will also celebrate high achievers in the wider D&I space since much of this work improves circumstances for women in STEM professions.”

“This year we are looking forward to welcoming more very special guests, who are helping us to support and celebrate amazing women in STEM.”