A new shuttle bus service for employees and visitors at Silverstone Park is giving business occupiers at the estate added support and confidence in being able to recruit more young people including apprentices, they have said.

The fast and affordable service started running in mid-March. Its route includes four collection and drop-off points for passengers at Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Dadford and Silverstone Park.

A collection and drop-off point at Milton Keynes helps Silverstone Park occupiers by simplifying the onward journeys for their employees who travel in by train.

Both employees of businesses and visitors can book places on the shuttle bus via an easy-to-use app from operator Zeelo.

The scheme adds to the wide array of travel options already at Silverstone Park, focused on travelling to and around the estate. These include a Kinto car share scheme, plus scooter hire. Free bicycle hire is also available (CLICK HERE for more on the options).

MEPC’s Chris Kimber-Nickelson, Commercial Director at Silverstone Park, commented: “Silverstone Park is renowned as the home of a wide range of businesses focused on innovation and excellence.

“The opportunities available to young people here are extensive and we feel that ensuring their independence and access is key to our future success.

“As the Park continues to grow, we want to ensure access for everyone, so our occupiers attract the best talent available.

“We are delighted, therefore, to hear already of the positive impact our new shuttle bus service is having for our business occupiers, their apprentices, employees and visitors.”

Chris added: “We love supporting businesses who locate here with their growth ambitions. Our letting options – whether industrial or office space – are flexible and exciting and we believe the shuttle bus scheme, coupled with our unique facilities and location, will continue to attract organisations focused on transforming their sector.”

Veronica Reynolds, Silverstone Park’s appointed Travel Advisor, explained why Milton Keynes had been chosen as a point of origin for the estate’s first shuttle bus service.

She said: “The invaluable feedback from our travel surveys with occupiers over the past few years have led us to evolve the travel options, starting with where the greatest need lies which we identified as being a cluster of people in the Milton Keynes area.

“More and more companies at Silverstone Park are recruiting from London, and Milton Keynes is a key point to link to the Park.”

Those interested in travelling to Silverstone Park from Milton Keynes or Buckingham but for whom the current times don’t suit can register their interest and preferred travel times via this link.

Veronica continued: “We are also now working on a second route from Northampton via Towcester and Brackley, in partnership with the local authority and a bus operator. Northampton was the second largest cluster of people requesting travel options in our surveys.”

Occupier feedback to Silverstone Park’s new shuttle bus service:

Nick Locke, MD of Nicab Ltd: “For us as a local employer, it’s vital we have good transport links – especially for our younger employees such as apprentices because many of them don’t drive and either rely on parents or public bus services which can be inconvenient.

“So having a dedicated shuttle service is a real boon to our business. It means we can employ more apprentices.”

Marcus Trofimov, MD, Silverstone Composites: “We had one young person come to us on work experience and gave him a contract position so he can continue his work for us during his free time as a trainee composites technician.

“He is only 16 years old and was relying on travel from his father, who was working at the Park but has now moved elsewhere – the shuttle bus solves that and means he can now continue his work with us.”

Blaisey Soj, R&D engineer, Traffic Technology: “I’ve used the service from day one and it has helped me a lot because I cannot drive. It’s enabled me to get to and from work at convenient times, whereas before I was having to take taxis which were expensive. It’s been a really good experience.”