Pictured: Jim Bridgeman (Left) and Martin Smithson (Right), both founding directors of PureSine

PureSine, a new occupier at The EpiCentre, in Haverhill, is a power quality consultancy that analyses, diagnoses and corrects power quality issues for companies throughout the United Kingdom.

It is reckoned that the cost to industry of poor power quality across Europe runs into the billions of pounds but the service provided by PureSine helps to reduce lost production time or even data corruption.

The company went live in August 2021 and values highly the flexibility of being based in The EpiCentre.  Martin Smithson, PureSine’s Co-Founder, says: “The great thing about The EpiCentre is that as we grow, we can expand into larger space within the centre and after two years of lockdown it is great to be part of the business community there.”

Smithson and his colleague Dr Jim Bridgeman, draw on more than 25 years of experience in the electrical power industry, possessing specialist knowledge in the fields of power quality, electrical energy efficiency and bespoke metering systems.

“PureSine are a great example of one of the EpiCentre’s tenants. Everyday there is something to learn here, I would never have considered that electrical equipment going faulty for no reason, could simply be because the power coming into your business premises is not ‘clean’ and that PureSine can fix it,” says Andrew Bell the EpiCentre Manager.

PureSine has clients throughout the UK from London and Edinburgh to Plymouth. Most of their work is undertaken at data centres and places that need analysis done regularly, including offices, hospitals and prisons, to make sure they are operating at a optimal power quality health and can reply on their power supply.

Clients include Barclays, KPMG and Ionity, the electric car charging network. Another source of business is electrical contractors who are installing new equipment and need to know that the power quality is healthy before they do that.

An increasing part of PureSine’s business is in green energy, including solar and wind energy installations. Smithson explains: “In order to obtain a grid connection from the relevant electricity distribution company, customers need to prove compliance with a number of standards to ensure that they do not have a detrimental effect on the electricity supply.  PureSine can help with this assessment process, taking a lot of the stress of obtaining a grid connection away from the customer.”