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Pennyfoot Street


“Our decision to become BioCity tenants was and keeps continuing to be an excellent decision” Peter Ridgway, Reach Separations

BioCity provides a home to the curious, to the radicals and the pioneers tackling the challenges that affect us all, globally.

BioCity is a pioneering life science incubator and business collective. Where ideas become reality, investment flows and businesses succeed.

BioCity was founded in 2002 when the concept of a business incubator offering 360° support within a self-contained location was unheard of. But a small team of dedicated people fought hard to turn that idea into reality. A reality now replicated throughout the UK.

Never limited to the standard business ‘incubator’ model, BioCity has grown alongside the businesses who call us home.

Our community has become a UK-wide business collective. From our locations we now provide entrepreneur coaching and investment alongside rentable lab and office space and PAYG services.

Business Collective.

Entrepreneurs, investors, experts, academics, industries and associations come together at BioCity. Creating a UK-wide business collective.

We surround businesses with people who share a common goal with us and with each other – to help science entrepreneurs tackle global challenges. Individuals with diverse expertise, experience and resources who can open the doors, make the introductions and identify the opportunities; that help businesses grow.

Allowing even the smallest of ventures to be part of, and do something, big.

Entrepreneur coaching.

Not just for start-ups and spin-offs, BioCity coaches entrepreneurialism at every stage from idea to exit. We help businesses get off the ground and continue to grow, entrepreneurially.

After working with Alex Osterwalder, the originator of the Lean Methodology, BioCity took the principals of Lean Start-up and applied a framework of commercial science to create evidence-based entrepreneurship specific to those wanting to turn their science into business.

BioCity runs Accelerators throughout the year across our locations and in partnership with other organisations, including Newcastle Biosphere and Aberdeen One.

Despite this, we focus on the quality, rather than quantity of applicants, awarding a limited number of places only to entrepreneurs and ideas we think can ‘make it’. Those entrepreneurs who successfully secure a place work closely with our coaches in an intensive eight-week programme specifically designed to help scientific entrepreneurs launch and grow sustainable businesses from their science.


Our panel of investment experts is adept at spotting the ‘ones to watch’. Investing in promising entrepreneurs and early stage ventures with real potential from our accelerator graduates and businesses based at BioCity locations.

Seed capital
Convertible loans for very early stage ventures to help them on the path to their first fundraise.

Typically, we are the only or lead investor allowing us to provide guidance and support to early stage ventures, alongside investments of up to £800k.

We regularly invite High Net Worth Individuals and sophisticated investors to co-invest in growing businesses, alongside us.

Expert Network.

Part of the BioCity Collective, the Expert Network are altruistic individuals our entrepreneurs can call upon for help.

They are leaders of industry, working at the highest levels in the areas of commercial science (regulatory, safety and toxicology, finance, legal, acquisition etc.) that life science entrepreneurs will tackle at some point.The Expert Network give their time, share their knowledge and offer guidance at the crucial moments, when getting it right, really matters.

Lab, office and coworking spaces.

BioCity offers rentable lab and office space with easy-in easy-out leases for early stage businesses, allowing them to scale-up and down for new projects and new people; without the risk of lengthy leases. We offer longer-term leases to more established companies and work together to modify spaces to make them right for their specific needs.

More than just a landlord, BioCity provides everything that businesses need.

Our locations have the physical infrastructure to support specialist needs, with shared and PAYG laboratory and business services. Companies are at the heart of our on-location collectives as well as becoming part of the UK-wide BioCity Collective.

PAYG Services.

To lessen operational costs and capital expenditure, we provide services, resources and equipment on a pay-as-you-go basis.

  • Sample analysis
  • Daily lab rental
  • Equipment rental
  • OBN group purchasing scheme
  • Business services
  • Meeting rooms & event spaces


To join the BioCity Collective, get in touch e:



BioCity Nottingham is based in the Creative Quarter of the city. It is the first BioCity site and now home to over 70 companies. BioCity Nottingham is home to one of the largest collections of pharmaceutical contract research organisations in the UK.

Alderley Park Accelerator is based on the AstraZeneca site at Alderley Park, Cheshire. The 86,000 sq ft dedicated to the Alderley Park Accelerator is part of a much larger campus, now owned by Manchester Science Park, that also provides substantial grow on space.

MediCity Nottingham is based in the Enterprise Zone on the AllianceBoots campus. MediCity Nottingham occupies 100,000sq ft in the iconic art-deco D6 building. The building also has impressive conferencing facilities and hosts big events connected to health, beauty and innovation.

BioCity Glasgow and MediCity Glasgow are both based at the former MSD research facility at Newhouse, 13 miles outside Glasgow and 35 miles from Edinburgh. The 130,000 sq ft at the site also boasts specialist facilities such as the compound management library and GMP storage and archiving.



Alderley Park Accelerator.
Alderley Park, Alderley Edge SK10 4TG

BioCity Glasgow.
Bo’Ness Road, Newhouse ML1 5UH

BioCity Nottingham.
Pennyfoot Street, Nottingham, NG1 1GF

MediCity Glasgow.
Bo’Ness Road, Newhouse ML1 5UH

MediCity Nottingham.
D6 Building, Thane Road, Nottingham NG90 6BH


BioCity Nottingham

Established in 2003 BioCity was one of the first Bioscience incubators offering state-of-the-art laboratories and commercial office space to let/rent, alongside business support and services to early stage companies in the life sciences sector

BioCity Nottingham has space for a wide range of businesses, including start-ups, international business looking to launch in the UK, or companies needing extra space for a project.

To enquire about space

BioCity Scotland

BioCity Scotland supports companies at all stages of development from University spinouts to large established companies by providing facilities, access to shared services, business support and investment.

130,000 sq ft. of high specification chemistry and biology laboratories are availble. Fully fitted space on flexible lease terms ensures capital efficiency and availability of high quality resources.

Shared lab facilities allow companies access to core lab equipment, such as autoclave, glass washer, drying oven, de-ionised water, ice maker etc. without having to purchase.

To enquire about space

BioHub at Alderley Park

BioHub powered by BioCity, helps to create and grow successful life science companies.

This is achieved by creating the optimum environment for emerging businesses to thrive by offering world class state-of-the-art laboratories and commercial office space, shared services, training, business support and access to investment.

To enquire about space

MediCity Nottingham

MediCity, a collaboration between Boots and BioCity, is an incubator designed to provide a stimulating and supportive business development environment for innovators in consumer healthcare, medical technology, diagnostics and beauty products.

The ideal environment in which to start and grow your business. Take a look at the packages on offer below.

To enquire about space contact:

MediCity Scotland

MediCity, a collaboration between Boots and BioCity, is an incubator designed to provide a stimulating and supportive business development environment for innovators in consumer healthcare, medical technology, diagnostics and beauty products.

The ideal environment in which to start and grow your business. Take a look at the packages on offer below.

To enquire about space contact:



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