MIP Diagnostics Ltd, the Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) specialist based at Colworth Park, has today announced a collaborative agreement with commercial partners for the co-development and license of a novel MIP-based system with specific applications in the security field. The long-term benefits of the deal could have ground breaking implications in the target applications and generate significant revenues and license income for the company.

MIP Diagnostics Ltd. is active in a number of fields including Oil and Gas, Research Reagents and Human healthcare but sees this as part of its continued expansion strategy into areas of unmet need where the benefits of MIPs allow for solutions to be developed to previously intractable application areas.

Stephane Argivier, Chief Commercial Officer said “MIP Diagnostics continue to expand in a number of exciting fields and this application area is a huge opportunity for the company to develop a long term highly profitable business. It will also allow us to expand our Intellectual Property portfolio in yet another novel field.”

MIP Diagnostics Ltd. CEO, Adrian Kinkaid, said: “This is another example of the far-reaching potential of MIPs and their ability to unlock applications that would not have been possible with previous technologies.”

MIP Diagnostics Limited develops and manufactures nanoMIPs, linearMIPs, bulk MIP and Rationally Designed Polymers using its proprietary processes. Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) are ‘synthetic’ affinity reagents and the nanoMIP format is provides an alternative to antibodies, typically with similar or greater affinity coupled with unique robustness characteristics.