Microbiotica, a leading player in microbiome-based therapeutics and biomarkers has announced it has finalised its move to purpose-configured facilities at Chesterford Research Park, to accommodate its long-term growth requirements.

The Company’s operations were previously split between the Sulston Building and the BioData Innovation Centre at the Wellcome Genome Campus, before expansion into additional space within Chesterford Research Park’s Science Village in November 2019. Microbiotica’s move into the purpose-configured building brings the entire team under one roof in state-of-the-art office and laboratory space.

The move follows another year of significant progress for Microbiotica in using its world-leading platform to explore the microbiome as a new class of medicine. Most recently, Microbiotica entered a landmark collaboration in immuno-oncology with Cancer Research UK and Cambridge University Hospitals to develop microbiome co-therapeutics and biomarkers for cancer patients receiving checkpoint inhibitor therapy. In addition, the Company has existing programs in IBD and immuno-oncology, and major partnerships with the University of Adelaide and Genentech.

Dr Mike Romanos, CEO of Microbiotica, said: “We are delighted to have moved into our new building at Chesterford Research Park, Cambridge. Although some of our team are currently temporarily working at home because of pandemic-related restrictions, this move means that our whole team will soon be working under one roof for the first time. The larger, state-of-the-art facilities will allow us maintain the momentum we have achieved over the past few years and provide us with a strong foundation for the Company’s next stage of development, as we take our exciting Immuno-oncology and IBD products, derived from clinical data, into the clinic.”

“I would like to thank the whole team for all their hard work during this move and for making the transition as seamless as possible, particularly during these challenging times. I’m looking forward to us all being together in the Company’s new home in the near future.”