Augmentive, a on-line platform offering specialist mental health and well-being support has taken space at The EpiCentre in Haverhill.

One in six adults experienced some form of depression in summer 2021, compared with one in ten before the pandemic, according to the Office for National Statistics. The strong increase in numbers of people looking to find a therapist online suggests that people are being more proactive about seeking help.

Already established in London, the Augmentive service is for anyone who wants to feel their best and is ready to do something about it. It gives access to over 365 qualified therapists, coaches, trainers, nutritionists, and mindfulness specialists, hand-picked by the Augmentive team. The company is now VC backed having raised significant funding and is looking for qualified therapists in East Anglia to join their network.

Co-founder Kit Norman, 28, says “There has been a 160% increase in sessions over the last 3 months and an increase in new customers of 209%. Although established in London, the service will be particularly relevant in rural East Anglia where support can be harder to access. “We’re finding that clients who have been very happy with their experience are now recommending us to others and this is playing a huge part in our growth.”

Kit’s mother Sarah is a qualified therapist who draws from her experience to help match clients’ needs to the most suitable therapist. “Although the NHS can provide brilliant support, long waiting lists and the minefield of finding a therapist alone can mean that people often don’t get to actually talk to anyone until their anxiety or depression has escalated,” says Sarah. “This is where Augmentive comes in.”

A 15-minute free video consultation with the Augmentive concierge enables the client to be placed with the right practitioner, making the process of booking and accessing sessions quick and comfortable. There are no hidden catches with clients able to view, in a user-friendly way, fees and times when the specialists are available, enabling them to make bookings accordingly. Sessions can be held either in person or through the video facility on the platform, thanks to the digital technology expertly built by Kit’s brother Archie Norman, 31, and his team.

Centre manager Kelly Boosey says: “We welcome Augmentive to join our collaborative community at The EpiCentre. And what better a time to start than at this time of year when people use the New Year to re-focus and invest in their own health and well-being.”

Sarah says: “We maintain close relationships with all our practitioners so that we can place clients as effectively as possible. Once we’ve gained a good understanding of what you’re looking for, we can recommend the best specialist or class for you.

“Our thriving community of coaches, therapists, nutritionists and experts from many areas can help you come at things from the angle that feels right for you. There is no commitment to book, our aim is to give you the best options so that you can decide whether you want to proceed as easily as possible,” adds Kit.

In addition to signing up Augmentive, The EpiCentre has made a significant contribution to the well-being of the West Suffolk community during 2021, having provided space in the first half of the year as a COVID vaccine centre and then signing up The Bridge First Aid to offer first aid courses, including mental health, to members of the public and local businesses.

Image credit: Augmentive.