The London School of Academics (LSA), which was founded in March 2010, provides exceptional, bespoke teacher training. The start-up training provider moved its base of operations to CEME in 2012 as they needed a larger premises due to their business growth. When they joined CEME Campus they were able to take on 50 students per year. Now in its 10th year The London School of Academics sees 120 new teachers passing through its 3 classrooms, still with further ambitions to grow. The company was firstly managed by the company founder, Shelia Singh, alone, now the School employs 4 permanent members of staff and an additional 10 part time employees.

The LSA are renowned for helping the community by creating local jobs and have received recognition for excellence in training. They have also helped a number of previous students start their own training companies and consequently created further employment in Greater London.
Sheila claims that business support is offered every day by the on-site customer service team, facilities team and IT team allowing for speedy business growth. Sheila and her team have also taken advantage of the monthly business networking events on campus to share insights with other like-minded businesses as well as the bespoke business support masterclasses designed to help the business to grow.

“It’s a professional, accessible and positive environment across the campus. The excellent customer service that we experience on-site is reflected in the happiness seen within the CEME community.”

In 2013, Sheila generously agreed to sponsor the CEME Gateway to Skills (GTS) programme here at CEME. The GTS programme provides a wealth of resources for the education and engagement of young people in core and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects. The CEME GTS programme introduces and develops a passion for these subjects at any stage of a person’s life.

Sheila explained that CEME has been a huge help to her organisation CEME is delighted to celebrate 8 years of being the home of the London School of Academics!

Every year the London School of Academics host a graduation ceremony in recognition of their students` achievements in order to congratulate them for their hard work and determination.

A list of awards granted to the London School of Academics:

  • Sheila Singh won the “Gold Medal of Excellence for her contribution towards Teacher Training” in 2008 awarded by City and Guilds (C&G)
  • Sheila Singh also won the award for “Bravest Women” in 2008 presented by Lorraine Kelly. (Pictured below)
  • LSA was awarded the “Barclays Trading Places” Awards 2010: Top 100 Business’s in the UK.
  • Sheila Singh was awarded Women’s Business of the year; Outstanding Stars award, hosted by Newham College (Academic year 2010/2011).
  • Sheila was awarded the Entrepreneurial of Excellence Award for Gender at the National Diversity Awards 2012 which recognised the Equality and Diversity values installed and observed at LSA.
  • In 2012 LSA was awarded the “Educational Resources Award of Excellence” for leading the way within the teacher training industry.
  • London School of Academics was highly-commended in City and Guilds “Lion Award” (pictured) programme, they were named as runner-up for this prestigious award. This award is regarded by City and Guilds (awarding body) as an exceptional achievement, it establishes the centre as one of the best City and Guilds work with globally.