Pictured: : Andy Stewart, Centre Manager at Blythe Valley Innovation Centre (left), with Barrie Rice, General Manager of Lasit Laser UK, at Lasit Laser UK’s new offices.

Lasit Laser UK is on track for year-on-year growth since settling into office space at Blythe Valley Innovation Centre, which is owned by Solihull Council and managed by the University of Warwick Science Park.

The firm supplies high quality, precision laser marking systems for identification marking in a variety of sectors, including vital marking on medical and automotive products. Permanent identification marks are mandatory in many industries for traceability purposes.

Laser marking is also used on a variety of items for aesthetic purposes, such as branding on metallic bottles and other promotional items. Lasit Laser UK supplies its machines directly to businesses that wish to perform engraving in-house.

Its new office at Blythe Valley Innovation Centre includes a demonstration facility, with laser marking systems on site.

Following its move, Lasit Laser UK is set to double its turnover in year one and is set for year-on-year growth and could result in it hiring new staff to add to its team of five.

Barrie Rice, General Manager of Lasit Laser UK, said: “Many of our customers need reliable laser marking solutions to ensure their products are marked to a high standard which enhances the quality of their products.

“For example, in the medical sector, replacement joints must have clear unique marking before they can be implanted into patients.

“Using below par or incorrect laser technology can lead to corrosion which can cause problems, including the growth of germs or indeed failure of the part, which is unacceptable in the medical industry.

“Our technology can produce surface marks on titanium, which is still present after a secondary process, such as passivation, which ensures patient safety.

“We use a laser technology called picosecond which means the laser is only in contact with the surface for less than one-billionth of a second. This ensures the marking is permanent but does not change the nano-structure of the material.

“Depending on a customer’s requirements, we can recommend the exact type of laser to give them the quality and precision they need. Our machines are manufactured completely from our own components, meaning we can guarantee both the quality and reliability of our systems. Servicing and technical support is also much simpler compared to our competitors.

“We have had great success since the move to Blythe Valley Innovation Centre, and we’re confident of achieving our ambitious growth targets whilst growing our UK market share.”

The company with its headquarters in Italy, chose to open a UK office at Blythe Valley Innovation Centre thanks to its accessible location and the quality of companies already based there.

Barrie added: “We wanted to be based somewhere central to make it easier to work with companies across the UK and Ireland.

“Solihull in general seemed like a strong choice due to its proximity to the M42 and Birmingham Airport, but a lot of the industrial estates we initially looked at didn’t fit the bill.

“Blythe Valley Innovation Centre was different. Many of the companies here are at the cutting-edge of their fields, and the office space and location made it so much more welcoming to our clients.

“It just seemed like a natural fit for us, and since the move, our decision has been vindicated.”

Andy Stewart, Centre Manager at Blythe Valley Innovation Centre, said: “We’re really pleased that Lasit Laser UK has been able to hit the ground running since its move here.

“When we met Barrie and the Lasit Laser team, it was clear they had a unique proposition and would be a great addition to the Innovation Centre.

“The business is already winning plenty of business and we’ll be there every step of the way to support it further as it looks to hit its ambitious growth targets.”

Cllr Ian Courts, Leader of Solihull Council & Portfolio Holder for the Economy, said: “We are seeing a growing number of international companies, like Lasit, choose to headquarter their UK operations in Solihull, looking for premium high spec commercial premises, with the obvious locational and lifestyle advantages we can offer.

“Since moving to the Blythe Valley Innovation Centre, Lasit have come to represent a real Solihull success story and it’s fantastic to see them delivering on their ambitious growth targets here in the borough.

“Home to a thriving advanced manufacturing and engineering sector, Solihull is a prime inward investment location, offering a world class, well-connected location to live, work and invest.”