Biotech start-ups are invited to enter a competition to win a 12-month lab space and business support package at Heyford Park Innovation Centre (HPIC) in Oxfordshire. The prize, which is worth over £10k, will enable the winner to grow and commercialise their ideas in a supportive and dedicated environment that has the expertise, facilities, and connections to help new businesses bring ideas to life.    

Managed by Oxford Innovation Space, HPIC has recently created six additional laboratory bench spaces to help keep up with the growing demand for start-up businesses to grow in a thriving science-based ecosystem. The centre attracts businesses from a wide geographical location thanks to its ideal location and Oxfordshire’s world-renowned reputation as part of the UK’s ‘golden triangle’ for science-based innovation.   

Centre Manager, Trudy Franklin-Slattery said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of HPIC’s science network and wider community. With access to 1,500 ft shared lab space with a range of ‘plug and play’ lab equipment, as well as expert business support and guidance, it’s a great prize. There is no manual for starting a company, but with our wealth of knowledge, experience, and facilities we can help to kickstart a new business and get them set on the right track. I can’t wait to see how this progresses, as it’s a really exciting time to be in the biotech sector.”       

The judging panel consists of innovation and business-growth experts from Oxford Innovation Space, HPIC, OBN, Oxford Innovation Finance and Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), who will all bring their wealth of knowledge and passion for supporting innovative early-stage businesses.   

The criteria to enter is as follows: 

  • Able to work within a CL2 lab facility or lower  
  • Company is less than 24 months old  
  • Are looking to grow, commercialise a business idea and take advantage of HPIC support  
  • Are within the Life Sciences or Biotech sector  
  • Businesses looking for proof of concept work or developing intellectual property can also apply    

Entry and full details can be found on HPIC’s website   – CLICK HERE