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Kent Science Park

Woodstock Road


Kent Science Park part of Pioneer Group

Defining the Future of Agritech Innovation

Kent Science Park is home to Nobel Prize-winning discoveries, and one of the largest communities of ambitious agritech, biotech and biopharma businesses.

Situated locally, connected nationally, Kent Science Park is also well situated for budding horticultural and plant-based food and drink companies. Set in 65 acres of beautifully manicured grounds in the heart of Kent, the beautiful campus is made up of high specification labs, office and coworking spaces across 47 buildings. It was awarded the UKSPA Best Life Science Research Facility in South East England.


Entrepreneurs, investors, experts, academics, industries, and associations come together at Pioneer Group. Creating a UK-wide business collective.

 We surround businesses with people who share a common goal with us and with each other – to help science entrepreneurs tackle global challenges. Individuals with diverse expertise, experience and resources who can open the doors, make the introductions and identify the opportunities; that help businesses grow.

 Allowing even the smallest of ventures to be part of, and do something, big.

 Venture Building

Not just for start-ups and spin-offs, Pioneer Group coaches entrepreneurialism at every stage from idea to exit. We help businesses get off the ground and continue to grow, entrepreneurially via the Pioneer Group Accelerator Programme.

After working with Alex Osterwalder, the originator of the Lean Methodology, Pioneer took the principals of Lean Start-up and applied a framework of commercial science to create evidence-based entrepreneurship specific to those wanting to turn their science into business.

Pioneer runs Accelerators throughout the year across our locations and in partnership with other organisations, including AHSN, AbbVie and Astellas.

 Despite this, we focus on the quality, rather than quantity of applicants, awarding a limited number of places only to entrepreneurs and ideas we think can ‘make it’. Those entrepreneurs who successfully secure a place work closely with our coaches in an intensive eight-week programme specifically designed to help scientific entrepreneurs launch and grow sustainable businesses from their science.


The idea is just the start. Turning that idea into something that will impact people’s lives can be a long and challenging process. Pioneer are here from the beginning and have been for nearly 20 years, bringing our hands-on, tailored approach to getting your business off to the best possible start.

We operate several funds that invest in young businesses and specialise in pre-seed and seed funding. We like to get involved early. Pioneer Group provides vital life sciences investment and funding primarily to companies that we have worked with through our Accelerator Programme or with companies based at our sites across the UK. That way, we get to know the people, technology and business well before investing.

Expert Network

 Part of Pioneer Group, the Expert Network are altruistic individuals our entrepreneurs can call upon for help. They are leaders of industry, working at the highest levels in the areas of commercial science (regulatory, safety and toxicology, finance, legal, acquisition etc.) that life science entrepreneurs will tackle at some point.

 The Expert Network give their time, share their knowledge and offer guidance at the crucial moments, when getting it right, really matters.

 Laboratory, office and coworking spaces

For startups, we try to make life as straightforward as possible. Scale up your space without the risk of lengthy leases. Take on new labs with just one month’s notice with the option to scale back with only three months’ notice. The flexible and modular lab space is perfect for life science startups and scaleups.

Ventures that call Kent Science Park home, have specialist requirements, and so we work together to create tailor-made spaces. From minor alterations to custom fitouts, we have seen it all. So, if the space is right, but the contents aren’t, we work together to get it spot-on.

Top-of-the-line facilities for high-value and small-scale manufacturing. Kent Science Park has ample space for growth, and we can provide growth capital for businesses that need to scale up their manufacturing processes.

Kent Science Park provides greenhouse facilities for an eclectic mix of companies from biotech, biopharma, agritech and more.

Shared facilities:

  • Day Nursery
  • Gym
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Gardens
  • Free shuttle bus from the train station
  • Café
  • Sauna
  • Ping Pong outdoors
  • Electric car charging

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