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Institute of Science and Technology

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The Institute of Science & Technology (IST) is the professional body for specialist, technical and managerial staff. We reach out to provide focused, professional support to a wide group of specialist, technical, and managerial colleagues in a broad range of environments such as science, engineering, arts, industry, local authorities, schools, FE, HE, research/analytical/health facilities, government departments and many more in the UK and overseas. We have been successfully supporting our members and their needs for over 50 years, and our priority is to carry on moving forward, to keep expanding our horizons, and to best position ourselves to continue to do that within the ever-changing and challenging 21st century.

Our goal is for an all-embracing Institute. An organisation where help/advice networks, skills training, specialist forums, recognised qualifications, continuing career development opportunities, and guidance are available to our membership. Recognition of professional standing is high on our agenda and, most importantly, expansion of the vibrant community of specialist, technical and managerial colleagues who will work together to help make a difference and shape the future.

Membership of the Institute is open to all technical, specialist, and managerial staff who work in any of today’s extremely broad and diverse range of technology driven environments. There are five grades of membership in the Institute:  Junior, Affiliate, Associate (AssocIScT), Member (MIScT), and Fellow (FIScT). The grade offered by the Institute is dependent upon the qualifications and experience of the applicant.

Professional recognition

The IST is firmly committed to enhancing professional development and recognition for technical and specialist staff at all levels. We believe that people working in technical environments deserve formal recognition for the work that they do, the experience they’ve racked up, and the expertise they have to share. We know that our members are skilled professionals, and we can give them official accreditation by guiding them through becoming Science Council Chartered Scientists (CSci), Registered Scientists (RSci), or Registered Science Technicians (RSciTech). Alternatively, members can become IST Registered Practitioners MIScT(Reg) or FIScT(Reg).

By registering, technicians are promoting the professional standing of themselves and their colleagues. They are showing that they are making a vital contribution and achieving a status that makes them a key asset for the long-term. The number of skilled technicians joining the IST’s registration scheme is growing fast. That’s because more and more of our members are discovering the great benefits and opportunities that professional recognition can bring.

To register, you simply need to show that you have, and use, the skills that qualify for professional status, while always continuing with your professional development. A full explanation of what you need to do to get registered status can be found on the IST website:

In addition, the IST runs workshops and training to explain the application process in more detail.

We are working hard to bring technicians from all disciplines into our international community of specialists. Our members work across a wide range of fields, which gives each of them the opportunity to make contacts across business, industry, research, and education, and address the challenges these areas face together. 

There is advice and guidance available for members (particularly new or young ones) through the IST’s Mentoring Support Network. Our work with organisations such as HEaTED and unionlearn, promotes the professional development of technicians in all areas. Together, we are ensuring technicians get the support and opportunities they need to achieve their potential.

We know how important it is for technicians to be able to develop their skills and have their expertise recognised. We know too, as we look to the future, that many more highly skilled technicians are needed. That’s why the IST has dedicated itself to continuing to raise the status of specialist, technical and managerial staff and to continue to support their progression.

The IST is an organisation run by technicians for technicians.


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