The innovation community is continuing to evolve at Discovery Park, the Life Sciences Opportunity Zone for ambitious and growing life sciences companies, as new tenants move in and others continue to develop. New entrants Psyros Diagnostics and VisusNano have both taken laboratory and office space at the Park.

Medtech company VisusNano’s new facilities will enable the rapid scale up of the company’s proprietary biodegradable intraocular lens, known as MEDILens. The drug-eluting lens is being developed to release anti-inflammatory drugs directly into the patients’ eye following cataract surgery. The company has recently received1 a £56,000 COVID-19 continuity grant from Innovate UK to ensure it maintains its accelerated pace of product development, following its £225,000 grant earlier this year.

Led by a team of in vitro diagnostics specialists, Psyros Diagnostics is focused on the development of a next-generation point-of-care testing system, significantly improving analytical sensitivity over those available on the market today. Current work, looking into the detection of cardiac markers in the case of heart attacks, is funded by a £400K Innovate UK Smart award. The move to Discovery Park gives Psyros the space it needs to develop and grow further.

VisusNano CEO, Dr Joanna Gould, commented ‘We are very excited to be entering our next phase of growth at Discovery Park. This expansion and the additional funding from Innovate UK will ensure that we can deliver our prototype for humans within the next few years.’

Dr Julie Richards, Director of Psyros Diagnostics, said, ‘We chose Discovery Park as it offers us excellent laboratory and office space with the opportunity to easily expand as we grow. Added to that, it is also home to a thriving and growing community of science-based businesses so is an excellent location to tap into this network.’

Mayer Schreiber, CEO of Discovery Park, said, ‘Innovative companies like VisusNano and Psyros Diagnostics are lifeblood to the Park and we look forward to supporting them through their next phases of growth. With Discovery Park’s Incubator facility due to open next year, they will soon be joined by other exciting new companies looking to drive the future of healthcare.’