Greiner BioOne

Greiner BioOne

Brunel Way
Stroudwater Business Park
Stonehouse, Gloucestershire
GL10 3SX


Greiner Bio-One is a leading manufacturer and direct supplier of high-quality laboratory and clinical products to academia, research establishments, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare organisations globally.   

Focusing on the evolving needs of their customers in the development of innovative solutions, Greiner Bio-One’s range includes products for cryostorage (cryovials, scanners and decappers), cell and tissue culture, including 3D and mass cell culture solutions, high throughput screening, high content screening, immunology, microbiology, liquid handling and molecular biology.

Greiner Bio-One’s product portfolio also includes the VACUETTE® evacuated blood collection system, needle safety devices, cannulas and the MiniCollect® Capillary Blood Collection range. Further solutions include a UN3373 compatible Transport Line and Greiner eHealth Technologies, which combined with Pre-Barcoded Tubes provides the ultimate in sample tracking and preanalytical error reduction.

Quality comes first at Greiner Bio-One and by using state-of-the-art production technologies, manufacturing under specific environmental conditions and deploying highly skilled staff, they are able to continuously improve the quality of their products and processes and are certified according to DIN EN ISO9001 and EN ISO13485. Other quality management and assurance processes include the traceability from raw material to finished product, In-Process-Control (IPC) and Statistical Process-Control (SPC).

All products are supported by a highly experienced and specialised team dedicated to providing the complete package of support and advice to customers.


New UKSPA member Greiner Bio-One announce their Sustainability Report

CEO Axel Kühner (r.) and CFO Hannes Moser are convinced that, “Sustainability is the answer!“ © Greiner AG Recently announced UKSPA member Greiner Bio-One have produced a Sustainability Report "If Not Us, Who?". It provides insights into the efforts they are making to...

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