Cambridge Wireless (CW), an international community for companies involved in the research, development and application of wireless technologies, and the global technology leader Huawei, have announced the launch of the first 5G mobile private network located within the Cambridge Science Park.

An ‘Accelerator’ programme has been created to help technology community make the most of the new high-speed 5G environment, allowing them to develop and test 5G applications in key areas such as:

  • Mobility as a service, using Connected Autonomous Vehicles
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Remote working and communication with the Science Park
  • Waste management, air pollution, sustainability and clean energy
  • Traffic management
  • Digitalisation of building services around wellness and health
  • Increasing efficiency, learning and collaboration of workers through high bandwidth low latency video communication to International offices and Science Parks
  • Remote surgery, ultrasonography and emergency medical treatment for hospitals
  • Increased AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) and automation in and outside of hospitals such as 5G vehicles for mobile temperature monitoring, disinfection, medicine delivery vehicle, robot for hospital guide etc.

The first phase of the Accelerator will run until March 2021 and CW is calling for companies to apply for access. The successful applicants are able to use the indoor 5G private network, the latest 5G enabled devices and a brand-new innovation lab within Cambridge Science Park.

To ensure businesses and innovators get the most out of the technology, CW will also provide successful applicants with free access to master classes run by industry experts, project coaching and support, and networking opportunities with others in the 5G tech sector.

“We are delighted to see this pioneering project being launched in Cambridge to help companies evaluate and enhance value added 5G capabilities into their products, services and environment,” said Abhi Naha, Chief Commercial Officer at CW.

Huawei Vice-President Victor Zhang said: 

“Openness and collaboration drives innovation. Huawei is working with Cambridge Wireless and innovation partners to incubate new ideas and applications to accelerate the building of a 5G ecosystem in the UK. The technology being developed in Cambridge has the potential to make significant advances in the fields of healthcare, transport and environmental protection and we are excited to see what progress is made over the coming months.”

Testbed partner, TusPark UK, joined CW and Huawei to support the digitalisation of the Cambridge Science Park and enable businesses to exploit new capabilities, fast-track innovation and gain competitive advantage as they shift towards the adoption of 5G.

Huawei will make full use of its capabilities in these strategic technologies and focus on scenario-based solutions.

Kevin Lin, President at TusPark UK said: “With CW network empowering the technology and building a sustainable world, we are glad to contribute our part to this great cause for the humankind welfare.”