An intelligent-software developer and supplier based in Warwick has more than quadrupled its workforce in the last eight months thanks to a huge increase in demand from companies across the world.

Eatron Technologies, based at the University of Warwick Science Park’s Warwick Innovation Centre, has grown its UK workforce from six before Christmas 2020 to 25 now.

It has now moved from its current unit at the Innovation Centre to a larger office thanks to this expansion.

And the firm, which mainly develops software for the automotive industry, is hoping to expand even further over the next year as demand shows no signs of slowing down.

Eatron was able to expand its business after securing contracts worth £5 million to supply software – such as battery management systems and active suspension – to major car manufacturers in China and other Asian countries.

Dr Umut Genc, managing director of Eatron Technologies, explained how the pandemic seemed to encourage the industry to embrace electric vehicles and adoption of software far more than before.

He said: “While demand for electrification was there before COVID as governments set electrification targets, the onset of the pandemic accelerated it hugely.

“Far more car manufacturers are pushing ahead with electric and autonomous vehicle technology, and they need reliable automotive grade software to be able to operate the advanced systems within their vehicles.

“This meant we suddenly had the opportunity to sign large contacts both here and in Asia, but it also meant we had to grow our team quickly with talented software engineers.

“Being based at the Science Park was perfect for us to do this. UWSP’s connections and graduate programmes meant we were able to access more junior talent to fill positions at Eatron quickly.

“And Warwickshire as a whole, along with Oxfordshire to the south, is full of automotive expertise, which meant we were able to find more senior software engineers to join us as well.

“We were also able to work directly with firms like IDIADA, HORIBA MIRA and Millbrook Proving Ground which are relatively close by to test our software when we needed to.

“An increase in demand for a product is one thing, but taking advantage of it is another, and UWSP’s connections and geographical location meant everything fell into place for us.

“We believe demand will keep increasing, so we may be looking to expand even further in the future if our predictions are correct.”

Eatron Technologies, which also has an R&D centre in Istanbul, was founded as a start up in June 2018 and quickly established a foothold in the automotive software market before basing itself at UWSP.

Since then, it has grown and grown thanks to increasing software focus and the adoption of electric vehicles by automotive manufacturers.

Jane Talbot, Centre Manager at the University of Warwick Science Park’s Innovation Centre, said: “Eatron Technologies’ progress has been remarkable in the short time they have been with us.

“Growing their staff from six to 25 in around eight months is astonishing, and it just shows how strong the market for automotive software is.

“We will continue to support Eatron and will help facilitate any further expansions should even more success come along.”