An office needs more than just four walls and a few desks to keep employees motivated.

Natural Light

Natural light is a key element in an office that wants to make their workers productive. Natural light not only keeps workers more active and alert than artificial bright lighting, but also resembles the outside world. If employees feel like they are trapped in an office, they are more likely to be unproductive. Therefore, natural lighting will help boost morale and productive as it mimics the outside world.

If your office doesn’t have space for big bay windows that let in the sunlight, then you may want to look for lamps and light bulbs that utilise natural lighting effects instead.

Chairs and Office Furniture

Ergonomics have always been key in the workplace and having furniture that keeps employees comfortable and relaxed should be at the forefront of your office plan. Furniture that your staff members sit on should be adjustable. Desk chairs should be adaptable so they can be modified for an individuals’ own needs. Some people may need to be taller or shorter than others to get comfortable and this needs to be reflected in the office design.

Collaborative Areas

A big part of your office should be a collaborative space where employees can go to work and converse with each other. Having a space that allows colleagues to discuss and generate ideas, means individuals are more likely to talk and learn from each other. Some people thrive off social interaction so give employees the chance to bounce off ideas with other members of the team may be really useful for your business, and their own work ethic.

Make an Office for Everyone

Many business owners think they should stick to a traditional office design plan – cubicle or open. However, this isn’t the case anymore, and a mix of the two designs actually is far more beneficial to employees. The ‘Flexible’ office plan incorporates elements of both the cubicle, more privatised plan and the open spaced office. This means that employees get the best of both worlds and can decide where they’d like to spend the day doing their work.

Having private spaces for individuals to go if they prefer peace and quiet and time away from their colleagues means workers will be more productive in that environment. However, those who thrive in busy areas with lots going on will benefit from a more open space where they can talk to their friends while carrying out their day-to-day tasks.

The level of noise in an office is also a key to the levels of productivity. A flexible office plan helps those who work better in silence, with no distractions, compared to those who can continue working with people talking and laughing around them.

Have an Office with Attitude

Paint the walls of your office with your brand and keep the colours warm and bright. You could put quotes or hang strange and quirky paintings from the walls. Whatever you do, make sure the office isn’t dull and dreary. Colour has an important impact on our mood, thus also on our levels of productivity. Keep it bright to keep your employees interested.