The MP for Wantage, David Johnston has opened Tokamak Energy’s new office in at Milton Park at 174 Brook Drive.

Tokamak Energy, the company working to develop fusion energy, which will be clean, safe and abundant, has to date raised over £117m of private investment.

It now employs over 85 staff with plans to continue to grow further in Oxfordshire.

The company has achieved plasma temperatures of over 15 million degrees, hotter than the centre of the sun, and is working towards reaching 100 million degrees this year.

Tokamak Energy was founded 10 years ago to accelerate the development of fusion energy and tackle climate change. The company has expanded rapidly based on two world-leading clusters in Oxfordshire: fusion energy and high temperature superconductors – and is now poised to solve one of mankind’s biggest and most imminent challenges.

Local MP David Johnston said: “It is a great pleasure to open this new building for Tokamak Energy, a company that is working on rapid development of a technology that will be crucial to all our futures. This part of Oxfordshire has a unique combination of government funded science and privately funded innovators and entrepreneurs able to tackle huge challenges with bold new technology.”

Jonathan Carling, CEO of Tokamak Energy, said: “We are delighted to be expanding here in Oxfordshire where we are able to recruit exceptional talent for Tokamak Energy. We pride ourselves on having a highly-skilled team of scientists and engineers with a vast array of knowledge, experience and determination.

“The world faces a huge challenge of global warming and fusion energy provides a crucial answer to the most pressing issue of our time. Our work towards achieving fusion power demonstration by 2025 and grid connected power by 2030 will allow us to provide safe, clean and abundant energy for generations to come.”